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Why Data Visualization Is Equal Parts Data Art And Data Science

2019-02-25 328 DataVisualization

Network visualizations are at once beautiful and informative, helping us make sense of the macro through micro patterns in the vast connected ecosystems that define the world around us. Yet, all visualizations are equally data art and data science, constructing rather than reflecting reality.

2019-04-25 320 IoT DataVisualization

Real-time meetings by Google. Using your browser, share your video, desktop, and presentations with teammates and customers.
3 Fundamental Ways Machine Learning Will Change Business in 2018

2017-12-14 104 ArtificialIntelligence Datavisualization

We aren't talking about losing jobs, we're talking about more effective use of human talent.
AI And Data Visualization: How AI Helps Companies See Through The Fog Of Data

2019-02-09 68 DataVisualization

We often think of it as a black box; But AI can help companies see through the fog of data with powerful new data visualization tools. From fraud detection to health care, supply chain management, customer analysis, all the way to fighting human trafficking and spotting election-influencing tactics.
Salesforce is buying data visualization company Tableau for $15.7B in all-stock deal – TechCrunch

2019-06-10 30 dataviz datavisualization

On the heels of Google buying analytics startup Looker last week for $2.6 billion, Salesforce today announced a huge piece of news in a bid to step up its own work in data visualization and (more generally) tools to help enterprises make sense of the sea of data that they use and amass: Salesforce is […]
DataView VR: The Workspace of the Future

2019-03-31 10 datavisualization

Investment analysts can now process complex information, create deeper and faster insights with the help of VR and AI.