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5 Ways To Become A Better Machine Learning Practitioner

2020-11-25 7

What does it take to become a better Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, ML Researcher or *insert machine learning practitioner role here*? Within this article, you’ll find five methods of…
3 neural network architectures you need to know for NLP!

2020-11-25 9

Recurrent neural networks are special architectures that take into account temporal information. The hidden state of an RNN at time t takes in information from both the input at time t and…
Why AWS loves Rust, and how we’d like to help

2020-11-25 7

One of the most exciting things about the Rust programming language is that it makes infrastructure incredibly boring. That’s not a bad thing, in this case. No one wants their electrical wiring to be exciting; most of us prefer the safety that comes with being able to flip a switch and have light to see […]
Five emerging AI and machine learning trends to watch in 2021 - Fintech News

2020-11-25 6

By Rick Whiting Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been hot topics in 2020 as AI and ML technologies increasingly find their way into everything from advanced quantum computing systems and leading-edge medical diagnostic systems to consumer electronics and “smart” personal assistants. Revenue generated by AI hardware, software and services is expected to reach US$156.5 billion […]
Someone attacked our company - Fathom Analytics

2020-11-24 8

At the start of November, someone decided that they would try to destroy our company.
Counterfactual vs Contrastive Explanations in Artificial Intelligence

2020-11-24 6

Introduction: With the proliferation of deep learning [8] and its anticipated use across various applications in society, trust has become a central issue. Given the black-box nature of these deep…
Ungoti Innovating ideas - Consultancy for Digital Transformation

2020-11-24 9

IT Consulting services provided by Ungoti Spain. We provide end to end services to all industries across the globe. We specialize in Microsoft technology.
Baidu Apps Leaked Location Data, Machine Learning ...

2020-11-24 20

Several apps available on the Google Play Store, including two made by Chinese Internet giant Baidu, leaked information about the phone's hardware and ...
Announcing the launch of Amazon Comprehend Events

2020-11-24 16

Every day, financial organizations need to analyze news articles, SEC filings, and press releases, as well as track financial events such as bankruptcy announcements, changes in executive leadership at companies, and announcements of mergers and acquisitions. They want to accurately extract the key data points and associations among various people and organizations mentioned within an […]
Machine learning: A breakthrough in the study of stellar nurseries -- ScienceDaily

2020-11-24 6

Artificial intelligence can make it possible to see astrophysical phenomena that were previously beyond reach. Astronomers present the most comprehensive observations yet carried out of one of the star-forming regions closest to the Earth.
Engineering Practices for Machine Learning Lifecycle at Google and Microsoft

2020-11-24 12

As demands for AI applications grow, we’ve seen a lot of effort put by companies to build their Machine Learning Engineering (MLE) tools tailored for their needs. There are just so many challenges…
Guide into Data Science Interview Questions & Answers (2/5)

2020-11-24 7

Basic knowledge of probability is useful for everyone but it becomes even more useful if you work with real life problems. Then probability helps you to account and understand the uncertainty that we…
21 Data Science Books You Should Read in 2021

2020-11-24 23

An updated collection of the best data science books you should read right now
Phishing Security: Attackers Use Google Services To Bypass Security - Anti-phishing Solution and Security Awareness Training - Keepnet Labs

2020-11-24 9

Phishing Security: Attackers Use Google Services To Bypass Security - Anti-phishing Solution and Security Awareness Training - Keepnet Labs
2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

2020-11-24 21

In 2021 and beyond, we predict that cyber criminals will find new and innovative ways to attack individuals, their homes and devices, in order to find a path to your trusted corporate network.
Machine Learning & Linear Regression

2020-11-24 59

Ideas on Machine Learning & Linear Regression using scikit-learn in Python and predicting the positive cases for COVID19 | 100%FREE Udemy Coupon
Python Basics for Math and Data Science: Numpy and Sympy

2020-11-24 39

Learn to know how to use two interesting libraries in Python named Numpy and Sympy and solve mathematical problems in Py | 100%FREE Udemy Coupon