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What happened when an AI bot wrote a Harry Potter chapter

2017-12-20 476 Bot

This predictive keyboard trained on the Harry Potter novels and then wrote a chapter of its own.
Chatbot Design Trends 2018 – Chatbots Magazine

2017-12-23 67 Chatbot Chatbots BoT

The technology underneath is not new but 2017 it’s been the most prolific year for chatbot development. If we don’t want the industry to die, 2018 should be the year of massive user adoption. Many…
Who’s afraid of the big, bad bot? - Information Age

2017-12-18 22 Bot ChatBoTs BoTs

If organisations get it right, AI-powered bots will help create transformational digital customer experiences

2018-08-17 20 BOT

Phoenix is innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) based on home-grown pure Artificial Intelligence. Choose a Phoenix Bot relevant to your requirement, deploy it. Phoenix will look after automating the task and repeating when how you tell it to. No one will have access to your data except Phoenix Bot, ensuring your privacy and security. Once task is completed, the results will be available online or you can instruct the Bot to deliver to your email.
Watch out Google Duplex, Microsoft also has a chatty AI

2018-05-23 18 bot

Not content with being outdone by Google’s impressive (yet creepy) Duplex demo, Microsoft has shown it also has an AI capable of making human-like phone calls.
Five Ways to Unleash the Power of a Marketing Bot – Chatbots Magazine

2018-02-07 15 Bot

From advertising and promotion to selling and feedback, marketing chatbots are reducing the cost for companies, saving time, increasing efficiency and creating larger awareness for brands. In a 2017…
What Is a Bot?

2018-11-16 13 Bot

Our in-house Know-It-Alls answer questions about your interactions with technology.
The Bot Plan: Your Guide to Making Conversations Convert - Moz

2018-04-11 13 bot BoTs

Research suggests that chatbots are the future, but they remain mysterious to many brands. How can you get the most out of building and using a bot, and how can they help your customers convert?
Plateformes de bot : Google s'impose, le français Mindsay se démarque

2020-12-04 9 bot

Comme souvent dans l'IA, Moutain View séduit. Face à lui, Amazon, IBM ou SAP avancent leurs pions en combinant NLP et arbres de décision.
Chatbot vs. Smart Speakers — Who Has the Better Future?

2018-02-03 8 chatbots chatbot bot

In the last few years, AI has come within everyone’s grip. This is awesome. But it is also true that there are multiple channels of tech advancements going around. Currently there are 3 major…