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Machine learning is making pesto even more delicious - MIT Technology Review

2019-04-03 1,371 ArtificialIntelligence ai datascience MachineLearning agtech AgriTech

Researchers at MIT have used AI to improve the flavor of basil. It’s part of a trend that is seeing artificial intelligence revolutionize farming.
How IoT And AI Can Enable Environmental Sustainability

2019-09-05 1,007 IoT artificialintelligence BigData MachineLearning Techforgood AgriTech

Although the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies are in their initial stages, they are ushering in a new era for a safer and cleaner environment. Here's how..
The flying AI robot that can harvest fresh fruit

2021-02-19 839 automation agritech AgTech

As farmers struggle to recruit seasonal workers due to COVID-19 travel curbs, an automated fruit picker is set to revolutionize the world’s harvest.
Who's best at growing strawberries, people or technology?

2021-01-29 447 IoT Agritech

Top strawberry growers were pitted against data scientists in a smart-agriculture competition organized by Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo. This is who won and why.
Comment Alibaba veut mettre l’agriculture à l’heure de l’intelligence artificielle –

2018-06-07 182 agritech

Capteurs, reconnaissances visuelle et vocale, machine-learning... Le géant chinois du e-commerce décline son intelligence artificielle dans le secteur du smart-farming.
Farmers use AI to catch disease and pests; it could be the future of agriculture - Business Insider

2019-11-08 153 AgTech agritech

Artificial intelligence allows farmers to increase yields by spotting pests and diseases early — and has led to a new wave of indoor growing startups.
AI strawberries and blockchain chicken: how digital agriculture could rescue global food security

2021-01-26 139 agritech

A recent Chinese strawberry-growing competition shows the potential of digitally assisted farming.
Use of AI and big data analytics in agritech - Express Computer

2020-12-07 66 agritech

With the execution of rural AI, farmers can investigate climate conditions, temperature, water usage, and soil conditions gathered from their farms to settle on informed choices for business decisions
Artificial intelligence and precision farming: Experts Explain

2019-05-28 64 agritech foodsecurity

How does artificial intelligence-powered precision farming affect food sustainability? This is the question we asked our panel of experts.
AgriTech : comment l'Intelligence Artificielle « augmente » les récoltes

2019-01-09 35 Agritech

L'IA appliquée à l'agriculture optimise les process et l'exploitation des terres, analyse les données de récolte et améliore la précision des prévisions, notamment météos. Et ce n'est qu'un début. Bienvenue dans l'AI-culture.
Which Irish tech sectors are absolutely killing it right now?

2018-01-18 27 agritech

Ireland’s indigenous tech industry has its finger on the pulse of the most promising fields in tech to watch in 2018.
Artificial Intelligence in Farming and Agriculture - Towards Data Science


At every stage of the food value chain, industry workers with varying education levels, experience, and age are performing thousands of tasks and making decisions- primarily based on visual…