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Forget the cloud. Computing is heading into the fog. - Recode

2017-11-01 28

Fog computing leverages and unifies a surprising number of cutting-edge technologies into a comprehensive whole.
Inside the hype and reality of Alexa, Siri and the voice assistant ‘revolution’ - Recode

2018-11-12 25

Until we invent something that wouldn’t be possible without voice, we’re just repurposing online content for our ears.
Will robots take our jobs, or make life better? - Recode

2017-12-15 19

Possibly both, says Seismic CEO Rich Mahoney.
Boldly going where no VR game has gone before - Recode

2018-08-01 18

That’s where Ubisoft’s VR game, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, is headed with the help of IBM Watson.
Elon Musk: The Recode interview - Recode

2018-11-08 17

Musk talks about his "excruciating" 2018, fighting with journalists on Twitter, why Tesla won’t build an electric scooter and much more.
Microsoft’s president says we need to regulate facial recognition tech - Recode

2018-11-07 15

Microsoft President Brad Smith laid out a frightening scenario in which facial recognition technology, if left unchecked, could totally change the way we live and what privacy people are able to retain, if any.
Recode Daily: McDonald’s spent a reported $300M to acquire an AI company - Recode

2019-03-28 12

Plus: Google’s rebooted robotics plans, the FTC’s inquiry into internet service providers, and Qualcomm’s win over Apple in their patent-royalty dispute.
AI-produced artwork is moving from the fringes into the high art world - Recode

2018-09-25 11

Christie’s will represent the first AI-produced artwork to be sold at a major auction house.
Google is following Instagram and Snapchat with a big push into Stories - Recode

2018-09-25 11

Google is going to start using artificial intelligence to create its own Stories that will appear in Google search and image results.
Trump’s executive order on AI, explained - Recode

2019-02-13 10

The president lays out a bold vision for how to make the US No. 1 in artificial intelligence, but critics say it’s just hollow words.
Google I/O: Listen in as Google’s AI assistant has phone conversations with real people - Recode

2018-05-09 9

Google just unveiled that its AI assistant can make realistic calls to businesses to do things like book a haircut or make a restaurant reservation — and the demos are unreal.
Former Y Combinator leader Sam Altman is joining OpenAI as CEO - Recode

2019-03-13 8

He’s building what he is calling a "capped-profit" company that could be a model in Silicon Valley.
This could be the beginning of the end for Facebook’s social network - Recode

2019-03-09 8

Facebook is pushing more deeply into private, encrypted communication. What does that mean for your News Feed?
Apple took another swipe at Facebook - Recode

2018-06-05 8

Apple wants to stop tech companies — like Facebook — from collecting user browsing data without their permission.
Rapid advances in automation mean a lot of workers won’t have the right skills - Recode

2018-05-24 8

What’s needed: More workers with technological skills and fewer manual laborers, says a new report from McKinsey.