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How artificial intelligence will affect your life and work in 2018

2018-01-05 906 AI ArtificialIntelligence

Your personal AI assistant will create music based on your preferences and facial recognition will be the new credit card.
Top 15 companies hiring talent for artificial intelligence

2017-11-20 754

The average AI salary is double the U.S. median base pay.
Alibaba Cloud expands products in Europe to take on Amazon, Microsoft

2018-02-27 752 AI

The Chinese tech giant has bolstered its cloud computing presence in Europe with new products aimed at taking on the dominance of Amazon and Microsoft.
Elon Musk: ‘Robots will be able to do everything better than us’

2017-10-24 458

Speaking to the National Governors Association, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX fears the potential of artificial intelligence growing unchecked.
Machine learning could lead to economic hypergrowth, new research suggests

2017-10-21 429 Machinelearning artificialintelligence

Economists are now asking a radical question: what happens to the economy if artificial intelligence starts generating original thought?
WEF: Machines are going to perform more tasks than humans by 2025

2018-09-17 428 AI ROBOTICS fintech futureofwork DataScience IoT

Machines and technology in the workplace could create 133 million new jobs in place of 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022, new research from the World Economic Forum found.
Japanese scientists use artificial intelligence to decode thoughts

2018-01-08 414 AI

Four scientists at Kyoto University used machine learning to analyze magnetic imaging patterns of the brain and “decode” thoughts.
DeepMind, OpenAI, FAIR: AI researchers rank the top AI labs worldwide

2021-01-21 411 artificialintelligence deepmind

DeepMind, OpenAI, and Facebook AI Research are fighting it out to be the top AI research lab in the world.
Insurance industry faces disruption from insurtech, report says

2017-10-25 359 Insurtech FinTech

Insurance firms are facing increasing competitive pressure on all fronts due to the rise of insurance technology (insurtech), according to a report.
Elon Musk warns AI could create ‘immortal dictator' in documentary

2018-04-06 349 MachineLearning IoT

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence “doesn’t have to be evil to destroy humanity.”
How self-taught 14-year-old Tanmay Bakshi became an AI expert for IBM

2018-01-25 348 AI

Tanmay Bakshi, 14, has partnered with IBM Watson to collaborate on various AI projects.
A.I. has a bias problem — that can be a big challenge in cybersecurity

2019-07-17 336 cybersecurity Cybersec

Aarti Borkar from IBM Security says artificial intelligence bias can exist at three levels: the program, the data and the people who design those AI systems.
IBM AI can predict with 95 percent accuracy which employees will quit

2019-04-03 331 AI FutureOfWork MachineLearning hrtech Fintech

IBM artificial intelligence technology can predict with 95 percent accuracy when an employee is about to leave their current job. That should not scare workers, but human resource managers in today's tight labor market that do not understand how to keep employees on a clear career path.
How much do blockchain engineers make?

2018-10-21 329 blockchainnews FinTech Iot

Blockchain engineers are making between $150,000 and $175,000 on average, far above the average of $135,000 earned by typical software engineers, according to stats provided to CNBC.
Cambridge Cyber Summit 2017

2017-10-22 313

Security experts on cyberthreats at the Cambridge Cyber Summit 2017
AI job recruiting tools offered by HireVue, Mya, other start-ups

2018-03-13 300 HRTech

In the race for talent, companies are identifying job candidates using A.I. tools that analyze everything from facial expression to word choice.
Artificial intelligence: AI could spur global growth, study shows

2018-09-05 297 IoT

Artificial intelligence could contribute an additional 1.2 percent to annual GDP growth for at least the next decade, according to McKinsey Global Institute.
Microsoft is working on AI chips across different devices: Panos Panay

2017-11-01 297

Panos Panay, corporate vice president of devices at Microsoft, said the company could license these chips to partners.
'Godfather of AI' predicts the future fate of the US workforce

2019-11-04 295 futureofwork

SAS Institute CEO Jim Goodnight believes the next decade's advancements in computer vision will make robots more sophisticated and transform the workplace.