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8 Leading Women In The Field Of AI

2020-12-13 1,306 WomenInTech WomenInSTEM artificialintelligence womenInAI

As entrepreneurs, academics, executives, venture capitalists and more, these women are shaping the future of artificial intelligence.
AI Is the Future—But Where Are the Women?

2018-08-17 608 womenintech Women future WomenInSTEM

Just 12 percent of machine learning researchers are women—a worrying statistic for a field supposedly reshaping society.
20 women doing fascinating work in AI, machine learning and data science

2020-03-09 467 WomenInSTEM womenintech womeninai

Gender balance in AI conference line-ups has been noticeably poor. But women in AI exist and their work is multifaceted and extraordinary.
Women Are The Key To Scaling Up AI And Data Science

2020-03-16 335 STEM MachineLearning WomenInSTEM

Women are the key to unlocking the fullest maturity potential of AI and data science endeavors, and are necessary in order to scale up artificial intelligence initiatives worldwide.
The Future of AI Depends on High-School Girls - The Atlantic

2018-05-23 284 womenintech AI4all ArtificialIntelligence WomenInSTEM GirlsInSTEM

Women make up one-quarter of computer scientists. But in the field of artificial intelligence those numbers are likely much lower.
7 Women Leaders in AI, Machine Learning and Robotics

2019-05-27 254 womenintech WomeninSTEM

What would an artificially intelligent world designed by women look like? Here are seven women blazing the trail in the fields of AI, ML and robotics.
Why We Need More Women in STEM and How AI Could Help Us Get There

2019-12-13 147 WomenInSTEM

Though specialized STEM programs for girls are a step in the right direction, we need to make a leap. Here are four actionable ideas.
Using Artificial Intelligence to Fix Wikipedia's Gender Problem

2018-08-03 119 AIforGood womeninSTEM

A software program from Primer scours news articles and scientific journals for women scientists who don't have entries in the online encyclopedia.
The future of work will be less scary with more women in AI — Quartz at Work

2019-09-25 105 futureofwork womeninstem

A different perspective on how to use AI could lead to very different outcomes.
What this trailblazing tech entrepreneur wants you to know about AI

2021-02-12 101 WomenInStem

It's Women in Tech week at Marie Claire, and next up we're meeting Tabitha Goldstaub – the tech entrepreneur and author driving forward innovations in AI.
After Accusations of Bias -AI Could Bring Diversity To Tech

2019-02-11 87 womeninstem

There is a critical skills gap looming in the tech sector, and especially in data science and AI. Much more needs to be done to mobilize young people, especially poorly represented groups (including women) into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) careers.
Why AI needs more women

2019-03-08 66 WomenInSTEM

How can we make data more human, if as a human race we cannot even agree on what it is to be human? How do we ensure algorithms work fairly when we cannot agree on what fairness looks like?
Women in AI by RE•WORK on Apple Podcasts

2017-11-28 41 Podcast womeninSTEM

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Women in AI by RE•WORK for free.
Overlooked No More: Karen Sparck Jones, Who Established the Basis for Search Engines - The New York Times

2019-01-02 39 womeninSTEM

A pioneer of computer science for work combining statistics and linguistics, and an advocate for women in the field.
Trailblazers: Sundas Khalid, Data Science Leader And Workforce Diversity Advocate

2020-11-10 21 WomenInSTEM

Sundas Khalid is a data science leader and a passionate advocate for diversity in the workplace. Going from a high-school dropout to the first woman in her family to graduate college, her journey is one of persistence and resilience.
Biological intelligence: a new paradigm for informed and nearly failure free drug discovery

2020-02-12 17 womeninstem

Biological intelligence: a biology first approach that enables failure free drug discovery without deep learning steps associated with artificial intelligence (AI) Why do we need biological intelligence to adress today's challenges in drug discovery? Drug discovery is troubled by high failure rates
Corporate Social Responsibility in Blockchain and AI Tickets, Sat 28 Nov 2020 at 13:00

2020-10-21 13 blockchain WomenInSTEM

Eventbrite - Justyna Osowska @womaninblockchain presents Corporate Social Responsibility in Blockchain and AI - Saturday, 28 November 2020 - Find event and ticket information.