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Exclusive: Reuters Uses AI To Prototype First Ever Automated Video Reports

2020-02-07 91 AI video

Developed in collaboration with London-based AI startup Synthesia, the new system harnesses AI in order to synthesize pre-recorded footage of a news presenter into entirely new reports.
Adobe Premiere Pro will use AI to reframe videos for all of your social apps - The Verge

2019-09-13 47 Video

Adobe previewed a new feature for Premiere Pro called Auto Reframe that automatically edits videos for square, vertical, and 16:9 aspect ratios. The feature will be available later this year.
Eye On The Future: Top Five Digital Marketing Strategies Of 2019

2018-11-20 30 VIDEO AUTOMATION

In the ever-changing digital landscape, what worked before might not work tomorrow.
Contract Intelligence – An AI-based, precise solution for automating your contract review process. - YouTube

2019-11-21 27 video

Today, enterprises spend significant effort reviewing contracts and other legal documents. This expensive manual process is both tedious and error-prone - le...
Fast, Accurate, On-Demand Redaction Services

2020-04-08 25 video TECH

Online video redaction, audio redaction, document redaction, image redaction, audio transcription, and document translation services and software.
Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

2018-05-20 8 Video

There’s no question, the digital marketing revolution is here — and it’s moving quickly. But with new technologies emerging every day, and digital advertising techniques changing in real time,…