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Here are ten ways AI could help fight climate change - MIT Technology Review

2019-06-20 1,361 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning AI IoT climatechange TechForGood

Machine learning has the potential to make some real in-roads in how we tackle out biggest threat.
10 Wonderful Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Good

2020-06-22 1,171 AI artificialintelligence technews techforgood Healthcare IoT AIForGood InsurTech

There are many ways artificial intelligence can be used for good and to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Many researchers and organizations are prioritizing projects where artificial intelligence can be used for good. Here are my top 10 ways AI is used responsibly.
How IoT And AI Can Enable Environmental Sustainability

2019-09-05 962 IoT artificialintelligence BigData MachineLearning Techforgood AgriTech

Although the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence technologies are in their initial stages, they are ushering in a new era for a safer and cleaner environment. Here's how..
Applying AI for social good

2018-11-29 880 AI AIforSocialgood artificialintelligence socialimpact techforgood FutureofWork Healthcare AIforGood

Using AI for social good could help solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Here's how.
8 Powerful Examples Of AI For Good

2020-02-10 829 AI artificialintelligence IoT Technews TechForGood AIforGood FakeNews Healthcare HealthTech

Many of the headlines about artificial intelligence warn of its dangers. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can be and is being used for good in many ways from improving the accessibility for people with disabilities to building our resilience to natural disasters.
Artificial Intelligence For Good - Also Makes Business Sense

2019-07-23 612 MachineLearning BigData techforgood

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to do a lot of good in the world. In this post we look at how AI has been used to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges and why doing so is also good for business.
Tech for Good: Smoothing disruption, improving well-being

2019-05-15 556 TechforGood

Good social outcomes of technology, or tech for good, adoption require focusing on innovation, skills, and labor fluidity.
Blind users can now explore photos by touch with Microsoft’s Seeing AI – TechCrunch

2019-03-12 97 techforgood ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Microsoft's Seeing AI is an app that lets blind and limited-vision folks convert visual data into audio feedback, and it just got a useful new feature. Users can now use touch to explore the objects and people in photos.
Google ne mettra plus son intelligence artificielle au service de l’énergie fossile

2020-06-11 69 TechForGood Google

Après le secteur financier qui désinvestit les énergies fossiles, est-ce au tour de l’industrie numérique de lui tourner le dos ? Google vient d’annoncer qu’il ne développera plus d’outils d’intelligence artificielle pour des projets d’extraction de gaz et de pétrole. Une décision saluée par Greenpeace, qui s'inscrit dans le mouvement général de Tech for Good, la technologie pour le bien.
Your old age care could be outsourced to robots — Quartz

2018-09-11 65 AI TechforGood

Soon, there will be as many adults over 65 as there are children under 18. Even if we can outsource their care to artificial intelligence, should we?
Responsible AI Drives Execution

2019-10-08 42 techforgood

The Hague Summit for Accountability in the Digital Age (#I4ADA) takes place November 6-7 2019, Peace Palace, Netherlands
L’IA de Huawei au service des enfants sourds

2018-12-04 39 IA techforgood

L’entreprise chinoise Huawei a participé au développement de l’application StorySign, sortie le 3 décembre 2018. Une solution qui traduit[...]
AI For Good Starts With Collaboration

2020-01-16 19 TechForGood

In the age of innovation, we are focused on technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more.
AI and collective action - DigitalAgenda

2019-11-12 18 TechForGood

Competition between AI companies could decrease the incentives of each company to develop responsibly by increasing their incentives to develop faster.
How to improve your Social Enterprise’s performance with tech and AI. — Strillobyte

2018-11-12 9 techforgood

While numbers show social enterprises perform extremely well, social entrepreneurs still face several issues, from recruiting the right staff, to access to finance, to how to best adopt new technologies to support their mission. Even if there are no unique answers that work for all, we pointed out three solutions that might work for your social enterprise.