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Digitization makes the Supply Chain agile

2018-01-14 2,136 SupplyChain

It is important to view Industry 4.0 in a holistic manner and realise that information processed from manufacturing plants is all but a part of a larger agenda.
The Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Leader

2017-12-10 1,255 AI Chatbots MachineLearning IoT fintech cybersecurity ArtificialIntelligence BigData FutureofWork Healthcare AIoT DeepLearning emergingtech SupplyChain

Dynamic Signal is a mobile-first company communications platform, trusted by organizations to increase productivity by informing and engaging employees.
Sizing the potential value of AI and advanced analytics

2018-04-18 748 ai ArtificialIntelligence DeepLearning DataScience Supplychain

An analysis of more than 400 use cases across 19 industries and nine business functions highlights the broad use and significant economic potential of advanced AI techniques.
AI, Big Data & Advanced Analytics in the Supply Chain

2019-01-29 640 AI BigData SupplyChain advancedanalytics MachineLearning IoT

Data, as opposed to capital, is useless without the tools that allow organizations to order, understand, and gain deeper insights from it. The big data revolution has made it necessary for business leaders to invest in technologies that enable big data analytics.
Forbes Welcome

2018-03-12 640 MachineLearning Manufacturing SupplyChain

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
How To Improve Supply Chains With Machine Learning: 10 Proven Ways

2019-04-28 534 machinelearning BigData IoT SupplyChain Blockchain

Bottom line: Enterprises are attaining double-digit improvements in forecast error rates, demand planning productivity, cost reductions and on-time shipments using machine learning today, revolutionizing supply chain management in the process.
Transforming the Supply Chain with AI, IoT & Blockchain

2018-05-23 444 SupplyChain

Getting products from A to B is one of the most fundamental challenges in business - so it is not surprising that a wave of advances are set to turn the industry on its head IoT offers the unique ability to track and monitor objects in the real world like never before and this presents a range of advantages for supply
How to improve supply chains with machine learning: 10 proven ways - Cloud Tech News

2019-05-22 190 supplychain machinelearning supplyChains IoT

Enterprises are attaining double-digit improvements in forecast error rates, demand planning productivity, cost reductions and on-time shipments using machine learning today, revolutionising supply chain management in the process.
Here’s Why AI Has Become Essential For Logistics Supply Chain And Transportation

2019-06-08 182 SupplyChain AI ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

The potential of AI and Machine learning is not only enhancing everyday business activities and strategies but also is streamlining the logistics on a global scale
How Artificial Intelligence Is Bringing The Supply Chain To New Frontiers

2019-02-22 181 supplychain

When implemented and used correctly, artificial intelligence can enable exceptional agility and precision in supply chains, regardless of the industry.
The Top 6 Ways That Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Your Business In The Near Future

2019-02-25 175 ArtificialIntelligence cybersecurity supplyChain

How will artificial intelligence affect your business in the near future? It's important to prepare yourself in order to make the most out of new technology - check out these 6 top ways that AI will affect your business.
20 Things To Know About Artificial Intelligence For Supply Chain Management

2019-01-01 151 AI MachineLearning supplychain BigData

Artificial intelligence is be (AI)ing actively added to existing supply chain applications. Indeed, there is something of an arms race among supply chain application vendors in this area. The branch of AI known as machine learning is particularly hot.
CORVUS Solutions

2020-01-21 145 FUTURE ComputerVision SupplyChain LEAN PostCovid19 postcovid DataSets

CORVUS Solutions wants to be a reliable partner for all logistics related activities. Our logistic consultancy team is skilled within Intralogistics (Automation) Projects with AGVs, Robotics, WMS, Project Management, Coaching, Training, Lean Process Improvement, AI ComputerVision,..
AI in the supply chain: Logistics gets smart

2018-05-02 114 Supplychain

Interest in machine learning and AI for SCM is increasing as companies envision a more predictable, automated future for logistics and distribution.
AI IN SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS: How AI will reshape the logistics and transportation industry - Business Insider

2018-01-22 100 logistics SupplyChain

In a new 2018 report, BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, explores the vast impact that AI techniques like machine learning will...
How IoT, AI And Blockchain Can Trasform Supply Chains In 3 Steps

2020-05-28 97 iot supplychain

Can the usual tech suspects (IoT, AI, and Blockchain) help us better understand the past, present, and future state of products across supply chains? Yes, but..