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How artificial intelligence can deliver real value to companies

2017-10-29 2,900 ArtificialIntelligence BigData McKinsey fintech IoT DataScience automation tech business Insurtech selfdrivingcars

Companies new to the space can learn a great deal from early adopters who have invested billions into AI and are now beginning to reap a range of benefits.
Why AI Is Tipping the Scales in the Development of Self-driving Cars - Knowledge@Wharton

2017-11-16 312 SelfdrivingCars Selfdriving

Globally, the U.S. and China are ahead in the race to develop driverless cars. One key reason: advancements in both countries in artificial intelligence.
Intelligent Connectivity: How 5G is Boosting AI, IoT, and Self-driving Cars

2018-09-22 296 selfdrivingcars InternetOfThings

5G has begun taking AI, IoT, and self-driving vehicles toward an ultra-fast connected future. What does this path look like?
Inside Waymo’s strategy to grow the best brains for self-driving cars - The Verge

2018-05-09 270 SelfDrivingCars

The Google spinoff has a head start in AI, but can they maintain the lead?
Don’t Make Artificial Intelligence Artificially Stupid in the Name of Transparency

2018-01-28 222 AI artificialintelligence Transparency SelfdrivingCars

Opinion: A democracy shouldn’t leave it to companies to figure out the ethics of artificial intelligence.
How to know if artificial intelligence is about to destroy civilization - MIT Technology Review

2020-02-25 208 SelfDrivingCars

These canaries in the coal mines of AI would be signs that superintelligent robot overlords are approaching
Deep learning enables real-time imaging around corners

2020-01-16 148 DeepLearning selfdrivingcars

Researchers have harnessed the power of a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can image around corners in real time. With further development, the system might let ...
NVIDIA BrandVoice: How AI Is Transforming The Next Generation Of Vehicles

2019-01-19 132 SelfDrivingCars

The headliner of this year’s CES in Las Vegas was was the production-ready technologies that will infuse AI into the next generation of cars for safer, more efficient driving in the near term.
Tesla is building its own AI chips for self-driving cars – TechCrunch

2018-08-02 129 AI NVIDIA SelfDrivingCars selfdriving

“We’ve been in semi-stealth mode on this basically for the last 2-3 years,” said Elon Musk on an earnings call today. “I think it’s probably time to let the cat out of the bag…” The cat in question: the Tesla computer. Otherwise known as “Hardware 3&#…
GitHub - lexfridman/mit-deep-learning: Tutorials, assignments, and competitions for MIT Deep Learning related courses.

2019-01-07 126 Tensorflow deeplearning selfdrivingcars github MITDeepLearning DeepRL

Tutorials, assignments, and competitions for MIT Deep Learning related courses. - lexfridman/mit-deep-learning
Machine learning to optimize traffic and reduce pollution

2018-10-29 111 selfDrivingCars

Applying artificial intelligence to self-driving cars to smooth traffic, reduce fuel consumption, and improve air quality predictions may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers at the Department of Energy's ...
Tesla’s AI Chips Are Rolling Out, But They Aren’t A Self-Driving Panacea

2019-09-29 105 selfdrivingcars

Tesla's AI chips have been inaptly glorified by some in the media and it's time to set the record straight.
How Apple’s self-driving car plans might transform the company itself – TechTalks

2020-12-31 81 selfDrivingCars

Apple's plans for launching a self-driving car can indicate a fundamental shift in the company's product-development strategy.
The three challenges keeping cars from being fully autonomous - MIT Technology Review

2019-04-23 68 selfDrivingCars

Technical, regulatory, and business obstacles are still in the way of safe, useful, and affordable self-driving vehicles.
AI Inside: Get Ready for Passenger-Aware Cars

2019-11-28 66 deeplearning SelfDrivingCars

When you think of artificial intelligence and cars, the first thing that likely comes to mind is ambitious self-driving vehicle projects of tech giants like Google, Uber, and probably Apple. Most of these companies are leveraging AI to create cars that can understand their environments and navigate roads under different conditions, and hopefully, make driving safer—eventually. Some day. Probably.
5 Innovative Applications of Automated Machine Learning

2020-03-16 64 selfDrivingCars

Automated Machine Learning consolidates AI best practices from top-ranked data researchers to make data science progressively accessible over the organization.
Self-driving cars are here – Andrew Ng – Medium

2018-05-07 55 SelfDrivingCars will offer a self-driving car service for public use in Frisco, Texas starting in July, 2018. Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic AI technology. They’re here, and will soon make…