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The future of work: Technology, jobs and augmented intelligence - Salesforce Australia & NZ Blog

2017-11-08 3,478 FutureOfWork Automation Infographic fintech Robotics AugmentedIntelligence

Work is in flux, with artificial intelligence and automation imposing rapid change. Here’s what this technological disruption means for the future of work.
2019 AI Predictions: Six priorities you can’t afford to ignore: PwC

2018-12-05 1,387 AI DigitalTransformation fintech robotics futureofwork Automation IoT Cybersecurity

Businesses have big plans for AI: 20% of US executives surveyed are going all-in this year, rolling out AI across their companies.
Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life Institute

2017-10-20 1,279 AI ArtificialIntelligence DataScience MachineLearning Robotics IoT ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

Why do we need research to ensure that artificial intelligence remains safe and beneficial? What are the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence?
The rise of robotics and AI (infographic)

2017-10-22 1,086 Fintech robotics IoT MachineLearning FutureOfWork infographic

Where business and experience meet emerging technology.
The World Economic Forum

2017-10-29 948 Bigdata AI Robotics IoT ArtificialIntelligence insurTech Startups HealthTech fintech futureofwork DataScience

The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971, and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is tied to no political, partisan or national interests.
AI, automation, and the future of work: Ten things to solve for (Tech4Good)

2018-06-01 777 digitaltransformation automation futureofwork ArtificialIntelligence robotics fintech DataScience TheFutureofWork

As machines increasingly complement human labor in the workplace, we will all need to adjust to reap the benefits.
Forbes Welcome

2018-03-08 747 Robotics artificialintelligence DeepLearning Robots futureofwork

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
WEF: Machines are going to perform more tasks than humans by 2025

2018-09-17 428 AI ROBOTICS fintech futureofwork DataScience IoT

Machines and technology in the workplace could create 133 million new jobs in place of 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022, new research from the World Economic Forum found.
AI And Automation 2019 Predictions From Forrester

2018-11-06 343 artificialIntelligence Automation robotics robots DigitalTransformation

In its 2019 predictions, Forrester tries to temper the “irrational exuberance for AI adoption” with a dose of reality
Artificial Intelligence In Humanoid Robots

2019-02-25 266 ArtificialIntelligence robots Robotics RoBoT

Science fiction introduced us to the concept of robotics. Comic books and novels have familiarized us with what robots are and how they function. Over time, AI has evolved and we now have humanoid robots. Humanoid robots are robots that closely resemble humans in structure and mannerism.
Robots Made Out of Branches Use Deep Learning to Walk - IEEE Spectrum

2019-07-02 250 robotics machinelearning

Researchers used deep reinforcement learning to teach these strange robots how to move
Robot uses machine learning to harvest lettuce

2019-07-07 160 ROBOTICS machinelearning AI

The ‘Vegebot’, developed by a team at the University of Cambridge, was initially trained to recognise and harvest iceberg lettuce in a lab setting. It has now been successfully tested in a variety of field conditions in cooperation with G’s Growers, a local fruit and vegetable co-operative.
Artificial Intelligence Is Making Job Descriptions Obsolete, Executives Say

2019-03-16 148 artificialintelligence MachineLearning robotics futureofwork automation TechnologY

Executives are optimistic that AI will enhance jobs, but don't seem to quite grasp that their employees want to begin learning how to work with AI.
Saudi Arabia becomes first country to grant citizenship to a robot

2017-10-26 127 Robotics

Saudi Arabia has recognised a humanoid robot as a citizen of its country, marking the first time in history that an AI device has been awarded such status.
How Artificial Intelligence and Robots are Changing the World? Use cases of AI and Robotics

2020-12-16 125 robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics are bringing drastic changes in the technological fields. Here is how artificial intelligence and robots are changing the World and here are the use cases of AI and Robotics.

2018-06-22 106 robotics