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10 Big Financial Technology Trends for 2018

2018-01-25 2,258 blockchain regtech fintech digital BigData designthinking

2018 promises to be the year banking sees the culmination of some key technologies — from blockchain and intelligent AI to design thinking and the Cloud.
How Banks & Regulators are Applying Machine Learning

2018-01-28 885 fintech regtech InsurTech

Annual worldwide AI revenue is projected to grow from $644 million in 2016 to $37 billion by 2025, with top use cases including algorithmic trading strategy performance improvement; static image recognition, classification, and tagging; efficient, scalable processing of patient data; predictive maintenance; content ...
How Banks & Regulators are Applying Machine Learning

2017-11-28 398 AI fintech regtech ML insurtech

In a tough banking environment, banks are looking to machine learning to reduce costs and increase retention.
Digital Transformation Isn’t About ERP Anymore, It’s About Automation With Machine Learning

2020-07-09 332 AI automation MachineLearning COVID19 fintech regtech

Digital Transformation is now Digital Automation achieved via the application of machine learning algorithms. Post-Covid-19, companies will sprint to as many automated processes as possible, leaving their ERP applications behind.
AI & Regulation: Politics wakes up to the reality of AI

2018-07-03 319 RegTech

Ai & Regulation: Many people are already using, perhaps without knowing it, tools based on artificial intelligence (AI). learn more
Can RegTech Really Save Banks Billions Each Year? – TechNative

2017-12-12 315 RegTech

How feasible is end to end machine executable regulation? The global investment banking industry is worth a few hundred billion dollars annually, as are both the audit and legal professions. And since the last decade or so, increased regulation has forced banks to devote around 10% of their salary costs to employing an army of compliance controllers to ensure that their transactions and processes meet the standards required by the law. And the stakes are high. Rogue traders, breaches of confide[...]
Bank fintech investment will focus on blockchain and AI

2017-12-26 296 FinTech ai blockchain Finserv regtech banktech

Banks plan to spend more on blockchain and AI in the coming year, and appear willing to explore new technology partnerships.
How machine learning is changing financial services

2020-04-13 248 FinTech Insurtech RegTech

How is artificial intelligence and machine learning changing the financial services industry? Imperva's Grainne McKeever explains Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integrated into our everyday lives. It powers what we see in our social media newsfeeds, activates facial recognition (to unlock our smartphones), and even suggests music for us to listen to. Machine learning, a subset of AI, is progressively integrating into our everyday and changing how we live and make decisions. 
Regulators and decisionmakers still don't 'get' AI technology

2021-02-25 200 regtech

Policymakers should explore how to resolve accountability and trust-building issues with AI technology, but first they need a better understanding of AI.
How technology and AI are set to transform compliance – FinTech Futures

2018-12-07 198 regtech fintech

A decade from now, what we are most likely to see is a three-level compliance structure with humans at the top, AI technology at the bottom, and an automated decision support system in the middle, providing a 360-degree view into the firm’s current state of compliance.
Mass Adoption Of AI In Financial Services Expected Within Two Years

2020-02-20 152 fintech Finserv Regtech insurtech

A significant number of financial industry executives from 151 financial institutions in 33 countries recently reported that within the next two years they expect to become mass adopters of AI and expect AI to become an essential business driver across the financial industry.
The 5 Debates That Will Shape Fintech In The 2020s

2019-12-02 136 fintech AI RegTech cryptocurrency Finserv Bigdata IoT Cryptocurrencies

Debates concerning bank branches, AI, data, cryptocurrencies, and China will shape fintech in the coming decade.
Top five technologies that will transform Fintech sector in 2020

2019-08-20 124 RegTech Fintech

Five technologies that will transform Fintech in 2020 are blockchain, RPA, AI, Regtech and conversational banking
Three big questions about AI in financial services

2017-10-31 124 fintech financialservices bigdata MachineLearning Insurtech RegTech FinServ

To ride the rising wave of artificial intelligence (AI), financial services companies will have to navigate evolving standards, regulations and risk dynamics.