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This open source AI tool quickly isolates the vocals in any song - The Verge

2019-11-05 443 opensource

Isolating the vocals from songs can be a tricky and time consuming task. A new open source AI tool named Spleeter built by music streaming company Deezer makes the task much quicker and faster.
Amazon joins Facebook and Microsoft in support of open-source AI platform

2017-11-17 309 opensource

Amazon yesterday announced it's new import package for ONNX, bringing the company's AWS into the open-source AI mix for developers.
14 open source tools to make the most of machine learning

2020-09-23 231 opensource

Tap the predictive power of machine learning with these diverse, easy-to-implement libraries and frameworks
pytext open source nlp framework pytorch

2018-12-14 194 NLP OpenSource

We are open-sourcing PyText, a framework for natural language processing. PyText is built on PyTorch and it makes it faster and easier to build deep learning models for NLP.
Enterprise Search Software & Semantic Search Engine

2019-04-30 160 Opensource

3RDi Search an Enterprise Search Software & Semantic Search Engine which provides data integration, semantic search solutions with faster actionable insights for boosting your business. Know more about this 3RDi enterprise search engine an adaptive search software.
How Open Source Software Drives IoT and AI

2018-03-08 154 OpenSource

Open source software is driving the IoT and AI, contributing to the development of edge-based IoT equipment and the evolution of back-end analytics tools.
Open-source computing has made AI commercially significant

2018-05-23 126 OpenSource

Open-source and cloud computing have offered SMEs a wider range of IT capabilities. Next is the turn of machine-learning and artificial intelligence
Google makes AI tool for precision medicine open source

2017-12-05 124 OpenSource

The company also made DeepVariant, which can be used to improve the accuracy of genomic sequencing, available through Google Cloud.
Baidu lance une plateforme de Machine Learning quantique open source

2020-05-29 120 MachineLearning openSource

Baidu lance Paddle Quantum : une plateforme de Machine Learning quantique open source pour faciliter l'accès à cette technologie pour les développeurs.
Open source artificial intelligence (AI) is heading into space

2020-10-05 104 Opensource

IBM have launched two open-source artificial intelligence projects to solve technical challenges in satellite communication and issues around space junk
GitHub - mindsdb/mindsdb: Framework to streamline use of neural networks

2018-12-15 103 Opensource ml artificialintelligence

Framework to streamline use of neural networks. Contribute to mindsdb/mindsdb development by creating an account on GitHub.
10 Open-Source Tools/Frameworks for Artificial Intelligence - DZone AI

2018-06-08 93 machinelearning OpenSource

This article gives a list of ten open-source tools/frameworks for AI including TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, Torch, Neuroph, and OpenNN
Scikit-learn, l'IA open source française qui s'impose dans le monde

2019-03-11 46 OpenSource ScikitLearn

Le projet orchestré par l'INRIA devient l'infrastructure de machine learning de référence aux côtés des frameworks de deep learning tels que Keras ou Tensorflow.
DeText: LinkedIn’s Open Source Deep Learning Framework for Natural Language Processing – The New Stack

2020-08-04 41 opensource

U.S. social networking company LinkedIn has released DeText, an open source natural language processing framework that uses deep neural networks to facilitate tasks such as search and recommendation ranking, multi-class classification, query understanding, and sequence completion.
AWS announces AutoGluon, an open-source library for writing AI models - SiliconANGLE

2020-01-10 41 openSource

AWS announces AutoGluon, an open-source library for writing AI models - SiliconANGLE
Home - IBM Developer

2018-09-24 33 opensource

Let’s code something amazing. More than 100 open source programs, a library of knowledge resources, Developer Advocates ready to help, and a global community of developers. What in the world will you create? search AI Analytics Node.js Blockchain Containers All technologies What’s trending Announcement Call For Code Answer the Call for Code by developing solutions …
AutoKeras: The Killer of Google’s AutoML – Towards Data Science

2018-07-31 33 DeepLearning OpenSource

Google AI has finally released the beta version of AutoML, a service that some are saying will change the way we do deep learning entirely. Google’s AutoML is a new cloud software suite of Machine…