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2017-10-22 1,038 ISRAEL TECHNOLOGY AI IoT news

Big savings on hotels in 118,000 destinations worldwide. Browse hotel reviews and find the guaranteed best price on hotels for all budgets.
AI & IoT Software Platform for Digital Transformation

2019-01-18 640 bigdata AI IoT enterpriseAI MachineLearning C3AI news DeepLearning stocks

C3 delivers a complete platform as a service for rapidly developing and operating big data, predictive analytics, AI, and IoT software applications.
This Startup Is Training AI to Gobble Up the News and Rewrite It Free of Bias

2018-04-16 240 AI news startup

Bias in journalism is nothing new, but there are growing concerns technology is pushing us into echo chambers where we only hear one side of the story. Now a startup says it’s using AI to bring us a truly impartial source of news.
World's first AI news anchor unveiled in China

2018-11-09 214 AI artificialintelligence news technology Newsanchor

The ‘tireless’ artificial news readers simulate the voice, facial movements, and gestures of real-life broadcasters
A new hope: AI for news media – TechCrunch

2018-07-12 166 news MachineLearning NewsMedia

To put it mildly, news media has been on the sidelines in AI development. As a consequence, in the age of AI-powered personalized interfaces, the news organizations don’t anymore get to define what’s real news, or, even more importantly, what’s truthful or trustworthy.
Facebook is buying UK’s Bloombury AI to ramp up natural language tech in London – TechCrunch

2018-07-02 138 FaceBook technology Fakenews NEWS

Perhaps rightly, there has long been a perception that Google-owned Deepmind has been the most aggressive in hoovering up a lot of the U.K.’s best talent in artificial intelligence, but now Facebook appears to be turning its eye to the country. TechCrunch understands that the social network b…