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Building A.I. That Can Build A.I. - The New York Times

2017-11-05 1,810 AI machinelearning ArtificialIntelligence IoT neuralnetworks Technews Skynet FutureofAI futureofwork

Google and others, fighting for a small pool of researchers, are looking for automated ways to deal with a shortage of artificial intelligence experts.
Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent - The New York Times

2017-10-22 1,730 ai ArtificialIntelligence fintech MachineLearning BigData FutureofWork DigitalTransformation

Nearly all big tech companies have an artificial intelligence project, and they are willing to pay experts millions of dollars to help get it done.

2018-11-05 1,590 ArtificialIntelligence AI MachineLearning DeepLearning automation

Machine learning algorithms don’t yet understand things the way humans do — with sometimes disastrous consequences.
As China Marches Forward on A.I., the White House Is Silent - The New York Times

2018-02-12 1,208 tech artificialintelligence China MachineLearning Science

Last summer, China unveiled a plan to become the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, challenging the longtime role of the United States.
Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You? - The New York Times

2020-11-21 777 AI MachineLearning ArtificialIntelligence deepfake deepfakes bigdata

The people in this story may look familiar, like ones you’ve seen on Facebook or Twitter or Tinder. But they don’t exist. They were born from the mind of a computer, and the technology behind them is improving at a startling pace.
How the Blockchain Could Break Big Tech’s Hold on A.I. - The New York Times

2018-10-20 698 blockchain MachineLearning BigData IOT

Several start-ups hope to use the technology introduced by Bitcoin to give broader access to the data and algorithms behind artificial intelligence.
A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans. - The New York Times

2019-08-16 556 ai machinelearning artificialintelligence BigData FutureOfWork

Artificial intelligence is being taught by thousands of office workers around the world. It is not exactly futuristic work.
An A.I. System Passed an Eighth-Grade Science Test. Can You? - The New York Times

2019-09-04 484 AI machinelearning ArtificialIntelligence BigData IoT

Researchers at the Allen Institute have hit an artificial-intelligence milestone: a machine that is ready for high school science. Maybe even college.
Making New Drugs With a Dose of Artificial Intelligence - The New York Times

2019-02-05 478 deeplearning artificialintelligence Drugs MachineLearning DeepMind IoT medtech

Researchers at DeepMind, owned by Google’s parent company, and other companies are applying their powerful A.I. systems to drug discovery research.
Is Ethical A.I. Even Possible? - The New York Times

2019-03-01 475 artificialintelligence MachineLearning fintech AIethics EthicalAI future

Idealism can eventually bow to financial pressure and artificial intelligence companies, big and small, can change course.
The Rise of the Robot Reporter - The New York Times

2019-02-05 412 ai automation MachineLearning IoT

Fast, accurate and no typos! Bloomberg News, The Washington Post and The Associated Press test out machine-generated journalism.
Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence - The New York Times

2019-11-19 368 machinelearning BlockChain

Three women with extensive experience in A.I. spoke on the topic and how to confront it.
One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority - The New York Times

2019-04-14 351 artificialintelligence machinelearning facialrecognition FaceScans aiethics racialprofiling

In a major ethical leap for the tech world, Chinese start-ups have built algorithms that the government uses to track members of a largely Muslim minority group.

2018-05-18 349 tech ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Sorry, Google: Computers are not even close to humanlike thought.
Big Bets on A.I. Open a New Frontier for Chip Start-Ups, Too - The New York Times

2018-01-14 326 ai MachineLearning startups

Forty-five young companies are building processors just for artificial intelligence. At least five have raised more than $100 million from investors.
Finally, a Machine That Can Finish Your Sentence - The New York Times

2018-11-18 325 ai Machinelearning Artificialintelligence IoT fintech

Completing someone else’s thought is not an easy trick for A.I. But new systems are starting to crack the code of natural language.
A.I. Is Helping Scientists Understand an Ocean’s Worth of Data - The New York Times

2020-04-08 305 machinelearning IoT

Machine-learning applications are proving to be especially useful to the scientific community studying the planet’s largest bodies of water.
Curbs on A.I. Exports? Silicon Valley Fears Losing Its Edge - The New York Times

2019-01-01 292 ai ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning BigData DeepLearning

The Commerce Department is considering national security restrictions on artificial intelligence. Some worry they could stunt the industry in the U.S.
The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It - The New York Times

2020-01-18 291 AI machinelearning FacialRecognition ClearviewAI Facerecognition Cybersecurity Clearview

A little-known start-up helps law enforcement match photos of unknown people to their online images — and “might lead to a dystopian future or something,” a backer says.
How an A.I. ‘Cat-and-Mouse Game’ Generates Believable Fake Photos - The New York Times

2018-01-02 282 neuralnetworks machinelearning ArtificialIntelligence

Researchers in Finland have developed artificial intelligence that can generate images of celebrity look-alikes — and another system that tests how believable they are.