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Scientists use artificial intelligence to forecast large-scale traffic patterns more accurately

2020-11-13 56 MachineLearning

It's no secret that Los Angeles is notorious for its traffic jams, typically ranking first in studies of the nation's traffic hot spots. Estimates suggest that Angelinos spend an extra 120 hours a year stuck in them. While ...
Why artificial intelligence doesn't really exist yet

2019-10-24 52 MachineLearning

The processes underlying artificial intelligence today are in fact quite dumb. Researchers from Bochum are attempting to make them smarter.
The whisper of schizophrenia: Machine learning finds 'sound' words predict psychosis

2019-06-13 52 MachineLearning

A machine-learning method discovered a hidden clue in people's language predictive of the later emergence of psychosis—the frequent use of words associated with sound. A paper published by the journal npj Schizophrenia ...
Using deep learning to localize human eyes in images

2019-11-01 51 Deeplearning Machinelearning

A team of researchers at China University of Geosciences and Wuhan WXYZ Technologies in China has recently proposed a new machine learning-based technique to locate people's eyes in images of their faces. This technique, ...
Reducing risk in AI and machine learning-based medical technology

2019-12-06 50 MachineLearning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are increasingly transforming the healthcare sector. From spotting malignant tumours to reading CT scans and mammograms, AI/ML-based technology is faster and more accurate ...
An approach to enhance machine learning explanations

2019-05-26 49 MachineLearning

Researchers at IBM Research U.K., the U.S. Military Academy and Cardiff University have recently proposed a technique they call Local Interpretable Model Agnostic Explanations (LIME) for attaining a better understanding ...
Using artificial intelligence to automate sea-ice charting

2019-09-11 48 MachineLearning

Reliable maps of sea-ice conditions and forecasts are of vital importance for maritime safety, safe navigation and planning. The continued retreating and thinning of Arctic sea ice calls for a more effective way of producing ...
Cracking open the black box of automated machine learning

2019-06-03 46 MachineLearning

Researchers from MIT and elsewhere have developed an interactive tool that, for the first time, lets users see and control how automated machine-learning systems work. The aim is to build confidence in these systems and find ...
Researchers' deep learning algorithm solves Rubik's Cube faster than any human

2019-07-15 42 ArtificialIntelligence Machinelearning

Since its invention by a Hungarian architect in 1974, the Rubik's Cube has furrowed the brows of many who have tried to solve it, but the 3-D logic puzzle is no match for an artificial intelligence system created by researchers ...
Neural network reconstructs human thoughts from brain waves in real time

2019-10-30 37 Neuralnetwork Machinelearning

Researchers from Russian corporation Neurobotics and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have found a way to visualize a person's brain activity as actual images mimicking what they observe in real time. This will ...
Infusing machine learning models with inductive biases to capture human behavior

2019-06-07 35 MachineLearning

Human decision-making is often difficult to predict and delineate theoretically. Nonetheless, in recent decades, several researchers have developed theoretical models aimed at explaining decision-making, as well as machine ...
Scientists use artificial intelligence in new way to strengthen power grid resiliency

2020-08-21 34 AI MachineLearning

A new artificial neural network model created by Argonne scientists handles both static and dynamic features of a power system with a relatively high degree of accuracy.
Artificial intelligence finds disease-related genes

2020-02-14 33 artificialintelligence MachineLearning

An artificial neural network can reveal patterns in huge amounts of gene expression data and discover groups of disease-related genes. This has been shown by a new study led by researchers at Linköping University, published ...
Can the 'additive tree' model expand machine learning in medicine?

2019-10-01 32 MachineLearning

When health care providers order a test or prescribe a medicine, they want to be 100 percent confident in their decision. That means being able to explain their decision and study it over depending upon how a patient responds. ...
How CERN machine-learning techniques could improve autonomous vehicles

2019-08-30 32 DeepLearning MachineLearning

With about one billion proton–proton collisions per second at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the LHC experiments need to sift quickly through the wealth of data to choose which collisions to analyse. To cope with an even ...
Computer-aided knitting: Machine learning for customized clothing

2019-08-07 32 Machinelearning

The oldest known knitting item dates back to Egypt in the Middle Ages, by way of a pair of carefully handcrafted socks. Although handmade clothes have occupied our closets for centuries, a recent influx of high-tech knitting ...
New learning algorithm should significantly expand the possible applications of AI

2020-07-17 31 machinelearning

The high energy consumption of artificial neural networks' learning activities is one of the biggest hurdles for the broad use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in mobile applications. One approach to solving this ...
HAMLET: A platform to simplify AI research and development

2020-11-13 29 Machinelearning

Machine learning (ML) algorithms have proved to be highly valuable computational tools for tackling a variety of real-world problems, including image, audio and text classification tasks. Computer scientists worldwide are ...
Machine learning algorithm quantifies the impact of quarantine measures on COVID-19's spread

2020-04-16 29 MachineLearning

Every day for the past few weeks, charts and graphs plotting the projected apex of COVID-19 infections have been splashed across newspapers and cable news. Many of these models have been built using data from studies on previous ...
Rainforest preservation through machine learning

2019-12-05 27 machinelearning

Computer scientist David Dao develops intelligent algorithms that use satellite and drone images of rainforests to predict where the next sites of deforestation will be. He will be presenting his research at the climate conference ...