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Machine learning approach significantly expands inovirus diversity

2019-07-22 42 machinelearning

To answer the question, "Where's Waldo?" readers need to look for a number of distinguishing features. Several characters may be spotted with a striped scarf, striped hat, round-rimmed glasses, or a cane, but only Waldo will ...
Machine learning approach for low-dose CT imaging yields superior results

2019-06-10 42 MachineLearning

Machine learning has the potential to vastly advance medical imaging, particularly computerized tomography (CT) scanning, by reducing radiation exposure and improving image quality.
Scientists use machine-learning algorithms to help automate plant studies

2019-10-08 41 MachineLearning

Father of genetics Gregor Mendel spent years tediously observing and measuring pea plant traits by hand in the 1800s to uncover the basics of genetic inheritance. Today, botanists can track the traits, or phenotypes, of hundreds ...
Artificial intelligence automatically detects disturbances in power supply grids

2019-04-01 41 MachineLearning

The grid is changing as the big, centralized providers of the past are replaced by smaller, distributed suppliers. Keeping such complex networks running stable requires high-resolution sensor technology – AI provides a ...
AI learns to model our Universe

2019-08-28 39 MachineLearning deeplearning

Researchers have successfully created a model of the Universe using artificial intelligence, reports a new study.
Machine-learning nanosats to inform global trade

2020-09-29 33 MachineLearning

The latest batch of tiny satellites to monitor trade on Earth from space have launched.
Using AI to predict Earth’s future – Valerian's Realm

2019-11-19 33 MachineLearning

A recent “deep learning” algorithm—despite having no innate knowledge of solar physics—could provide more accurate predictions of how the sun affects our planet than current models base…
Machine learning opens new possibilities for quantum devices

2019-09-26 33 MachineLearning

Scientists from the University of Oxford, in collaboration with University of Basel and Lancaster University, have developed an algorithm that can be used to measure quantum dots automatically.
Artificial intelligence helps banana growers protect the world's favorite fruit

2019-08-12 33 MachineLearning

Artificial intelligence-powered tools are rapidly becoming more accessible, including for people in the more remote corners of the globe. This is good news for smallholder farmers, who can use handheld technologies to run ...
Artificial intelligence solves Schrödinger's equation

2020-12-21 31 ArtificialIntelligence Deeplearning MachineLearning

A team of scientists at Freie Universität Berlin has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) method for calculating the ground state of the Schrödinger equation in quantum chemistry. The goal of quantum chemistry is to predict chemical and physical properties of molecules based solely on the arrangement of their atoms in space, avoiding the need for resource-intensive and time-consuming laboratory experiments. In principle, this can be achieved by solving the Schrödinger equation, but in pr[...]
Machine-learning analysis of X-ray data picks out key catalytic properties

2019-10-23 28 MachineLearning

Scientists seeking to design new catalysts to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) to methane have used a novel artificial intelligence (AI) approach to identify key catalytic properties. By using this method to track the size, structure, ...
Introducing quantum convolutional neural networks – Valerian's Realm

2019-09-10 27 MachineLearning

Machine learning techniques have so far proved to be very promising for the analysis of data in several fields, with many potential applications. However, researchers have found that applying these…
Theory meets application: Machine learning techniques for geothermal exploration

2019-04-22 23 MachineLearning

When Jing Yang, assistant professor of electrical engineering, began looking for practical applications to her machine learning research, partnering with Chris Marone, professor of geosciences, for his work on safe and efficient ...
Conservation biologists find new applications for AI tools

2019-07-31 22 MachineLearning DeepLearning

Automated cameras and other sensors deployed in the wild are transforming the way biologists monitor natural ecosystems and animal populations. These technologies can collect huge amounts of data, however, and conservation ...
A scalable deep learning approach for massive graphs

2018-05-01 21 machinelearning

A graph structure is extremely useful for predicting properties of its constituents. The most successful way of performing this prediction is to map each entity to a vector through the use of deep neural networks. One may ...
Machine learning predicts metabolism, helping drug developers and brewers

2018-09-05 9 MachineLearning

Machine learning algorithms that can predict yeast metabolism from its protein content have been developed by scientists at the Francis Crick Institute. The findings could provide a basis for brewers to have greater control ...