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Deep learning may help predict when people need rides

2018-03-04 304 DeepLearning machinelearning

Computers may better predict taxi and ride sharing service demand, paving the way toward smarter, safer and more sustainable cities, according to an international team of researchers.
Machine learning reveals recipe for building artificial proteins

2020-07-24 277 machinelearning

Proteins are essential to the life of cells, carrying out complex tasks and catalyzing chemical reactions. Scientists and engineers have long sought to harness this power by designing artificial proteins that can perform new tasks, like treat disease, capture carbon, or harvest energy, but many of the processes designed to create such proteins are slow and complex, with a high failure rate.
Machine learning will redesign, not replace, work

2018-06-26 270 MachineLearning futureofwork

The conversation around artificial intelligence and automation seems dominated by either doomsayers who fear robots will supplant all humans in the workforce, or optimists who think there's nothing new under the sun. But ...
Machine learning finds a surprising early galaxy

2020-08-03 215 machinelearning

New results achieved by combining big data captured by the Subaru Telescope and the power of machine learning have discovered a galaxy with an extremely low 1.6% oxygen abundance, breaking the previous record of the lowest abundance. The measured oxygen abundance suggests that most of the stars in this galaxy formed very recently.
Machine learning finds new metamaterial designs for energy harvesting

2019-09-25 139 MachineLearning

Electrical engineers at Duke University have harnessed the power of machine learning to design dielectric (non-metal) metamaterials that absorb and emit specific frequencies of terahertz radiation. The design technique changed ...
Artificial intelligence speeds efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy

2019-04-17 118 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that is transforming scientific inquiry and industry, could now speed the development of safe, clean and virtually limitless fusion energy for generating electricity. ...
Machine learning algorithm predicts who will be left standing in 'Game of Thrones'

2019-04-11 108 GameofThrones GOT MachineLearning

Shortly before the curtain drops on the hit HBO show Game of Thrones (GoT), students attending a computer science seminar at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) embarked on an unusual scientific mission: predicting which ...
Researchers enhance quantum machine learning algorithms

2021-03-16 95 MachineLearning

A Florida State University professor's research could help quantum computing fulfill its promise as a powerful computational tool.
Artificial intelligence can improve sales by four times compared to some human employees

2019-09-23 95 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Chatbots, which use artificial intelligence to simulate human conversation through voice commands or text chats, incur almost zero marginal costs and can outsell some human employees by four times, so why aren't they used ...
Researchers design new material using artificial intelligence

2019-10-14 85 artificialintelligence MachineLearning

Researchers at TU Delft have developed a new supercompressible but strong material without conducting any experimental tests at all, using only artificial intelligence (AI). "AI gives you a treasure map, and the scientist ...
Using artificial intelligence to detect discrimination

2019-07-10 75 artificialintelligence MachineLearning

A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool for detecting unfair discrimination—such as on the basis of race or gender—has been created by researchers at Penn State and Columbia University.
Machine learning speeds up quantum chemistry calculations

2020-10-07 73 MachineLearning

Quantum chemistry, the study of chemical properties and processes at the quantum scale, has opened many paths to research and discovery in modern chemistry. Without ever handling a beaker or a test tube, chemists can make predictions about the properties of a given atom or molecule and how it will undergo chemical reactions by studying its electronic structure—how its electrons are arranged in orbitals—and how those electrons interact with those of other compounds or atoms.
Using artificial intelligence to understand collective behavior

2019-04-09 73 MachineLearning

Professor Thomas Müller and Professor Hans Briegel have been carrying out research on a machine learning model for several years that differs significantly from alternative artificial intelligence (AI) learning models. The ...
Machine learning yields a breakthrough in the study of stellar nurseries

2020-11-19 72 machinelearning

Artificial intelligence can make it possible to see astrophysical phenomena that were previously beyond reach. This has now been demonstrated by scientists from the CNRS, IRAM, Observatoire de Paris-PSL, Ecole Centrale Marseille and Ecole Centrale Lille, working together in the ORION-B program. In a series of three papers published in Astronomy & Astrophysics on 19 November 2020, they present the most comprehensive observations yet carried out of one of the star-forming regions closest to the Ea[...]
Chemists show how bias can crop up in machine learning algorithm results

2019-09-12 60 MachineLearning

A team of material scientists at Haverford College has shown how human bias in data can impact the results of machine-learning algorithms used to predict new reagents for use in making desired products. In their paper published ...
The first AI universe sim is fast and accurate—and its creators don't know how it works

2019-06-26 59 MachineLearning

For the first time, astrophysicists have used artificial intelligence techniques to generate complex 3-D simulations of the universe. The results are so fast, accurate and robust that even the creators aren't sure how it ...
Team uses deep learning to monitor the sun's ultraviolet emission

2019-10-03 56 MachineLearning DeepLearning Datascience

A NASA Frontier Development Lab (FDL) team has shown that by using deep learning, it is possible to virtually monitor the Sun's extreme ultraviolet (EUV) irradiance, which is a key driver of space weather. The Sun is vital ...
Solving 'barren plateaus' is the key to quantum machine learning

2021-03-19 54 MachineLearning DataScience

Many machine learning algorithms on quantum computers suffer from the dreaded "barren plateau" of unsolvability, where they run into dead ends on optimization problems. This challenge had been relatively unstudied—until now. Rigorous theoretical work has established theorems that guarantee whether a given machine learning algorithm will work as it scales up on larger computers.
Machine learning enhances light-beam performance at the advanced light source

2019-11-08 49 MachineLearning

Synchrotron light sources are powerful facilities that produce light in a variety of "colors," or wavelengths—from the infrared to X-rays—by accelerating electrons to emit light in controlled beams.
Applying machine learning to the universe's mysteries -

2018-01-30 49 MachineLearning

Computers can beat chess champions, simulate star explosions, and forecast global climate. We are even teaching them to be infallible problem-solvers and fast learners.