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An executive’s guide to AI

2018-02-10 3,709 AI MachineLearning DeepLearning artificialintelligence DataScience innovation McKinsey IoT fintech Insurtech HealthTech

To stay at the forefront of the accelerating artificial-intelligence race, business executives can study up on the ABCs of AI using this interactive.
As Artificial Intelligence Advances, Here Are Five Tough Projects for 2018

2017-12-21 2,599 ArtificialIntelligence cybersecurity Innovation Projects

AI researchers are looking for the meaning of our words, defenses against hacking, and teaching robots right from wrong.
8 Ways AI Will Transform Our Cities by 2030

2017-11-25 1,737 ArtificialIntelligence TECH INNOVATION HealthTech SmartCities publicsafety iot smartcity BigData

Here’s how the 100 Year Study on Artificial Intelligence thinks AI will affect eight key domains of city life between now and 2030.
This AI Can Spot Art Forgeries by Looking at One Brushstroke - MIT Technology Review

2017-11-21 1,404 INNOVATION

A new system can break a work down into individual brush or pencil lines and figure out the artist behind it.
25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2019

2019-05-28 1,393 machinelearning AI startups innovation STARTUP fintech DeepLearning bigdata

Artificial intelligence deals increased in Q1, 2019 to 116 deals, up from 104 deals in Q4, 2018 according to the latest PwC/CB Insights MoneyTree Report Q1 2019.

2018-03-20 1,145 AI Iot tech BigData Blockchain automation ecommerce innovation China Fintech bitcoin

The Race to Power AI’s Silicon Brains - MIT Technology Review


Chip startups see AI as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to build big businesses. Many won’t make it.
5 Life-Saving Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

2020-08-26 375 ArtificialIntelligence healthcare 100daysofCode innovation

It’s one thing for a chatbot to help resolve an e-commerce order—it’s quite another to detect a heart attack in progress. Here are five ways AI is saving lives.
China’s A.I. Advances Help Its Tech Industry, and State Security - The New York Times

2017-12-03 363 artificialintelligence China innovation iFlyTek

Global car brands and Chinese authorities alike embrace iFlyTek’s voice recognition know-how, illustrating the dystopian possibilities behind the technology.
Data systems that learn to be better

2020-08-10 223 innovation

To address the computing challenge of handling massive data while efficiently storing and processing information, MIT researchers have developed the “instance-optimized systems” Tsunami and Bao, which optimize and partially re-organize themselves for the data they store and the workload they serve.
Forbes Welcome

2017-11-27 189 INNOVATION

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
Inscription SIdO - Le Showroom de l'intelligence des objets - 4 et 5 avril 2018 - Lyon

2018-02-19 178 IoT IA Innovation ROBOTIQUE

Inscription au salon SIdO, l'événement professionnel de l'Internet des Objets Connectés - 4 et 5 avril 2018 - Cité internationale - Lyon
WIRED Health: From AI doctors to 3D X-rays, the future of healthcare is already here

2018-05-22 163 AI HEALTHCARE INNOVATION Artificialintelligence medtech

How the future of medicine and healthcare will be changed by technology. All the highlights from WIRED Health 2018.
The AI in your non-autonomous car – TechCrunch

2018-05-24 158 Innovation

Sorry. Your next car probably won’t be autonomous. But, it will still have artificial intelligence.
The Thriving AI Landscape In Israel And What It Means For Global AI Competition

2018-09-26 152 Israel StartupNation innovation startup

Israel is emerging as a global leader in AI, with more than 900 startups successfully deploying unique expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, robotics, and speech recognition.
IBM's Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Fantastic, But AI Also Cut 30% Of Its HR Workforce

2019-04-06 134 artificialintelligence INNOVATION

IBM CEO, Ginni Rometty is bullish on AI and the positive impact it can have on its employees.
L’IA, nouvelle alliée dans la recherche d’antibiotiques - Sciences et Avenir

2020-06-14 106 Innovation

Un nouvel antibiotique a été découvert grâce à l’intelligence artificielle (IA) par une équipe du MIT.