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Infographic: 5 Ways AI Will Change The Future Of Work In 2018

2018-01-05 2,979 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork infographic Infographics DigitalTransformation internetofthings

To celebrate the launch of our Future of Work issue this month, we've compiled together some of the latest reports in a free infographic.
IoT: The catalyst for invisible payments

2017-12-27 1,078 mobilepayments blockchain Infographics

Internet of Things technologies provide unique opportunities in developing new age, 'on the go' and seamless payment solutions.
This chart shows every major technological innovation in the last 150 years — and how they have changed the way we work

2018-04-21 820 IoT infographics

Since 1760, productivity — measured in output per hours — has increased almost 30 fold.
Machine learning methods (infographic)

2017-11-05 739 AI BigData Machinelearning INFOGRAPHICS

Where business and experience meet emerging technology.
The Web World - Who Owns Who? (2018 Infographic)

2019-03-21 621 Infographics

It is a common thing for one big company to own several other large companies. As a matter of fact, you'd be surprised to know that there are about a dozen companies that own all the majority of the ones we're familiar with today.
Cyber Defenders 2018 Report

2018-04-15 567 cybersecurity InfoSec infographics

This year’s trends, opportunities, and high-momentum startups with the potential to shape the future of cybersecurity.
The impact of voice assistants on consumer behavior: PwC

2018-05-02 466 MachineLearning virtualassistant Infographics

An in-depth look at consumer adoption and usage of voice assistants, and how companies can earn their trust—and their business.
8 #AI predictions for 2018

2018-03-31 410 AI futureofwork infographics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a disruptive force that is defining the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and promises to change nearly every aspect
National and International AI Strategies - Future of Life Institute

2019-01-24 253 INFOGRAPHICS

This page includes a list of all of the countries and international organizations that have established strategies and initiatives regarding artificial intelligence.
Design Thinking: How User Experiences Change User Expectations – InFocus Blog

2018-03-17 230 INFOGRAPHICS

Bill Schmarzo, CTO of Dell EMC Services explores Design Thinking and how it aligns to the processes for machine learning.