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The future of work: Technology, jobs and augmented intelligence - Salesforce Australia & NZ Blog

2017-11-08 3,478 FutureOfWork Automation Infographic fintech Robotics AugmentedIntelligence

Work is in flux, with artificial intelligence and automation imposing rapid change. Here’s what this technological disruption means for the future of work.
Unlocking automation value: PwC

2018-05-16 3,436 AI futureofwork Infographic ML IoT ArtificialIntelligence BigData Datascience

5 questions to reimagine business processes, solve pain points and empower people
Infographic: 5 Ways AI Will Change The Future Of Work In 2018

2018-01-05 2,979 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork infographic Infographics DigitalTransformation internetofthings

To celebrate the launch of our Future of Work issue this month, we've compiled together some of the latest reports in a free infographic.
24 industries to be disrupted by AI: an infographic • OneRagtime

2019-06-15 1,624 FinTech FutureOfWork Healthcare Infographic BigData

There's no denying that Artificial Intelligence is set to have significant consequences on our future lives. We've produced this infographic to try to illustrate the concrete ways in which Artificial Intelligence either has disrupted, or will disrupt, across the future of industry.
Types of AI: From Reactive to Self-Aware [INFOGRAPHIC]

2017-10-22 1,552 AI MachineLearning BigData ArtificialIntelligence INFOGRAPHIC DataScience

Computing advances have fueled the evolution of AI. Here's a look at the 4 types of artificial intelligence.
Top 10 Big Data Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

2017-10-21 1,318 Infographic

Check out the top 10 big data facts in this interesting infographic. Learn how big data is changing the future.
Artificial Intelligence: 6 Step Solution Decomposition Process

2018-03-29 1,251 INFOGRAPHIC ArtificialIntelligence

It’s simple. The conversation is simple because the objective is simple: How do I become more effective at leveraging (big) data and analytics
Infographic: Future of cloud and IoT - Capital Business

2017-11-16 1,167 Infographic

90 percent of worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by 2019, marking a fourfold rise by 2020 to increase to 14.1 zettabytes. A finding b Kenya breaking news | Kenya news today |
The rise of robotics and AI (infographic)

2017-10-22 1,086 Fintech robotics IoT MachineLearning FutureOfWork infographic

Where business and experience meet emerging technology.
Infographic: How Marketers Think AI Is Going to Affect the Industry – Adweek

2017-12-04 981 infographic Industry

Eight in 10 business-to-business marketing executives believe AI is poised to “revolutionize” the marketing industry by 2020.
A day in the life of AI - Raconteur

2020-12-10 924 dataScience infographic deeplearning ArtificialIntelligence DigitalAssistants

From chatbots and digital assistants to facial recognition or...
Modern Artificial Intelligence Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

2017-10-20 901 infographic

The Modern Artificial Intelligence Infographic shows how technology coupled with studies of the human brain have aided in making AI a reality.
A Winning Game Plan For Building Your Data Science Team - Data Science Central

2018-09-02 743 BigData infographic

One of the most exciting challenges I have at Hitachi as the Vice-Chairmen of Hitachi’s “Data Science 部会” is to help lead the development of Hitachi’s data sci…
Infographic: A Beginner’s Guide to Machine Learning Algorithms - Dataconomy

2017-10-22 683 MachineLearning Algorithms Infographic DataScience

We take advantage of machine learning thanks to advancements in computing power. But how does it actually work? The answer is simple: algorithms.