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Why AIoT Is Emerging As The Future Of Industry 4.0

2019-08-12 1,209 IoT AIoT Bigdata IIoT InternetOfThings DigitalTransformation Machinelearning industry

The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT - Artificial Intelligence of Things - that delivers intelligent and connected systems that are capable of self-correcting and self-healing themselves.
Infographic: How Marketers Think AI Is Going to Affect the Industry – Adweek

2017-12-04 981 infographic Industry

Eight in 10 business-to-business marketing executives believe AI is poised to “revolutionize” the marketing industry by 2020.
How AI Is Disrupting the Banking Industry

2018-07-04 108 Banking Fintech INDUSTRY

Rarely has a technology been met with the excitement and trepidation that AI has. Because artificial intelligence not only matches but can surpass human intelligence, it is exciting as a means to improve speed, save cost and maximize accuracy—but menacing for its potential to displace human workers. Banks are embracing AI for its staggering benefits, while also acknowledging that it creates a few wrinkles that need ironing out.