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Toward the artificial intelligence of things - SAS Voices

2018-06-01 245 IoT IIOT

Called out as two common IT threads in my December blog post, how do artificial intelligence and automation connect with another prominent movement, the Internet of Things (IoT)?
State of IoT 2018

2019-02-16 102 iiot

The 2018 State of IoT reports finds IoT device breaches undetectable by nearly half of companies. Learn why IoT security with blockchain technology to help secure IoT data, devices and services has doubled in a year. Explore the full findings of the State of IOT security survey and compare the global results.
Game-changing technologies turn IIoT data into gold

2018-06-21 98 IIoT

The real value of IoT lies in its data. Maciej Kranz says technologies like edge and fog computing, machine learning and AI can unlock the hidden value in data from the IIoT.
How AI and IIoT Are Making the Auto Industry More Aware

2018-08-30 97 IIOT

With hundreds of hours lost to downtime and thousands of vehicles being recalled, the automotive industry must adapt to new technology.
AI Iot - How AI Will Take Industrial Internet of Things to New Heights

2019-10-30 78 IIoT IoT

Among the groundbreaking technological breakthroughs of the last decade or so, none has reached the level of impact which AI IoT

2017-11-23 63 womenintech Iot iiot DevOps

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The Globality Quotient: Internet Of Things (IoT)

2017-11-20 54 IIot

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a key role in helping leading consumer industries define the consumer of the future.

2018-12-28 45 IIoT

Food Engineering, the leading magazine serving the food and beverage manufacturing market; written for operations, production and engineering executives
Is AI funding overheated? Beware the hype about artificial intelligence.

2018-09-12 42 IIoT iot

What if instead of being radically unprepared for the rise of the robots, you have drastically overestimated the disruption?
Can blockchain address the Industrial IoT security?

2017-11-27 39 IIot

Can blockchain address the Industrial IoT security? | Connecting the SMARTS!
Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) Quickly Advancing Behind MESH Technologies

2018-05-17 15 IIOT

PALM BEACH, Florida, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Internet of Things (IoT) Quickly Advancing Behind MESH Technologies...
MRO 2020… and beyond

2018-11-12 11 IIOT

Connected Thinking gathers industry experts to identify the biggest disruptors to the MRO process, including IIoT, augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence
The Data Pile-Up Problem: How to Capture and Monetize Enterprise IoT

2018-06-12 11 iiot

Data streams from connected devices have the potential to deliver new insights that can be used to drive products and services and new revenue streams for companies.