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'It's going to create a revolution': how AI is transforming the NHS

2018-07-04 414 AI healthcare MedTech HealthTech

Technology is making impressive inroads into cancer treatment – saving lives and money
New artificial intelligence tool can detect eye problems as well as experts

2018-08-13 246 artificialintelligence machinelearning FinTech datascience HealthTech

Machine-learning system can identify more than 50 different eye diseases and could speed up diagnosis and treatment
GSK puts faith in AI to make more successful drugs more quickly

2019-12-25 98 HealthTech artificialintelligence

Firm is recruiting artificial intelligence specialists and developing new genomics lab
The AI program that can tell whether you may go blind

2019-02-08 91 healthcare ArtificialIntelligence HealthTech

Built on thousands of retina images, algorithm helps diagnose eye problem caused by diabetes