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Artificial intelligence for medicine needs a Turing test - STAT

2019-08-28 283 artificialintelligence TuringTest HealthTech

Speculation abounds about what artificial intelligence can do for medicine. It's time to put it to the test — perhaps an obesity-related Turing test.
Patients aren’t being told about the AI systems advising their care

2020-07-15 203 digitalhealth HealthTech aiethics medtech

A growing number of prominent hospitals are using AI-powered tools to advise patient care. But patients often aren't informed, a STAT examination finds.
What if AI in health care is the next asbestos? - STAT

2019-06-19 159 AI ArtificialIntelligence Healthcare machinelearning HealthTech

“I think of machine learning kind of as asbestos,” one speaker said, explaining that AI in medicine could turn out to be as harmful as it is promising.
Advancing AI in health care: it's all about trust - STAT

2019-10-23 129 healthCare healthTech

Predictions a few years ago that AI would soon replace radiologists haven't come to pass. AI has a long way to go before it can become autonomous.
5 ways artificial intelligence is already changing cardiac care - STAT

2019-07-31 117 healthTech

Algorithms can detect troublesome heart rhythms, and can also predict future heart problems and inform treatment decisions to head off those episodes.
Google's AI boosts accuracy of lung cancer diagnosis, study shows - STAT

2019-05-20 78 digitalhealth healthtech machinelearning

The results underscore AI’s potential to improve lung cancer screening and help radiologists diagnose malignancies earlier and with greater accuracy.
AI in pharma, health care: at the crossroads of hype and reality - STAT

2018-12-06 78 healthcare HealthTech

Once we get past the hype, artificial intelligence will become an essential part of the future of drug discovery and health care.