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AI in healthcare: Not human versus machine, human plus machine

2019-03-20 46 Healthtech

Developing effective AI tools for healthcare means working multiple stakeholders and understanding the clinical, according to panelists at GTC in San Jose.
Doctor's assistant Robin Healthcare emerges from stealth mode

2018-05-31 39 healthtech

Emerging out of stealth mode, health tech startup Robin Healthcare has just announced its voice-enabled AI device that is designed to help doctors and clinicians write clinical notes. The device, which looks similar to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistant, will sit in a doctor’s office and draft notes from doctors' spoken conversations. 
New Accenture study reveals emerging trends in digital health

2020-08-12 15 healthTech

Healthcare organizations must become more collaborative with patients, employees, partners and the public when creating digital innovations to have success in the future, according to research from Accenture. The professional services company released its "Digital Health Technology Vision 2020" report that identified five trends that emerged before the COVID-19 pandemic, but
Coronavirus prevention may be in your pocket

2020-02-24 10 digitalhealth healthtech

From travel checkpoints to at-home screening, smartphone-based digital health tools could play a role in limiting outbreaks, writes CEO David Maman.
The devices, software and other health tech headlines of CES 2020

2020-01-07 8 HealthTech

Over the course of the show, MobiHealthNews will be updating this list of new products and other announcements being unveiled this week in Las Vegas.