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Top 10 AI and machine learning stories of 2020

2020-12-14 1,058 machinelearning healthIT healthtech DataScience COVID19 100DaysOfCode

Whether assessing vaccine safety and efficacy, assisting with X-ray readings or tracking communities' vulnerability to COVID-19, artificial intelligence has been put to work in new and innovative ways throughout the pandemic.
AI predicts risk of death from heart disease more accurately than experts

2018-09-11 296 Healthtech

The machine learning model uses 600 variables with patient's data whereas human-constructed models made predictions based on 27, researchers say.
AI and machine learning trends to look toward in 2020

2020-01-06 198 ArtificialIntelligence HealthTech

As artificial intelligence and robotic process automation are more widely deployed, they will help rehumanize medicine by allowing doctors to focus less on paperwork and administrative functions, and more on patient care.
Next-gen telehealth: AI, chatbots, genomics and sensors that advance population health

2018-07-06 168 HealthTech healthcare

Telemedicine platforms and tools will transform virtual care by incorporating emerging technologies and novel uses of data.
A CIO's guide to a dashboard for AI

2018-11-27 141 Healthtech

Some forward-looking CIOs are putting together AI dashboards, or beginning to think about such dashboards and what would make them useful tools.
3 charts show where artificial intelligence is making an impact in healthcare right now

2018-12-21 103 AI Healthcare HealthTech MachineLearning

HIMSS Media research uncovered the key areas where hospitals say AI and machine learning are already delivering value.
What hospitals need for successful AI: a digital base

2018-08-01 101 Healthtech HealthCare

Artificial intelligence depends on several different fundamental technologies, and a robust and modernized infrastructure – cloud, mobile and web – to build upon is a must-have first step.
AI in healthcare: separating myth from reality

2019-06-14 100 HealthTech

At the HIMSS Machine Learning & AI event, Dr. Anthony Chang, chief intelligence and innovation officer at CHOC Children's, cleared up some common misconceptions.
Quantum computing could turbocharge healthcare analytics, AI

2019-10-28 78 QuantumComputing HealthTech

The leading-edge technology could provide vastly faster power and processing speeds, and enable fundamentally different algorithmic search and data homogenization strategies.
CIOs must manage data for AI to deliver on data-driven healthcare

2017-11-17 75 HealthCare HealthTech

Provider organizations must figure out ways to sift through mountains of data to let AI tools have at it. And AI experts have plenty of suggestions.
The origins of AI in healthcare, and where it can help the industry now

2020-06-11 72 AI healthTech dataScience

AWS’ chief medical officer offers some useful historical perspective, while experts from Cerner, Geisinger and Gyant discuss some of the most promising and potentially transformative use cases for artificial intelligence in healthcare today.
Predictive analytics, payment issues, consumerism set to tangle with AI in 2020

2020-01-07 37 HealthTech

Three experts from different areas of the health IT field discuss how artificial intelligence is going to play a larger role in the year ahead.
Is emotional support part of AI's future in healthcare?

2018-11-03 26 healthcare HealthTech

MIT's Cynthia Breazeal is developing "social robots" that could help care for patient's emotional wellbeing.
Trends to look for in patient engagement in 2020

2020-01-10 14 HealthTech

Healthcare providers will increasingly be seeking innovative technology as they develop new patient engagement and experience strategies to remain competitive.