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How Machine Learning, Big Data And AI Are Changing Healthcare Forever

2018-10-16 1,731 BigData Artificialintelligence Healthtech Datascience IoT healthcare

While robots and computers will probably never completely replace doctors and nurses, machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare industry, improving outcomes, and changing the way doctors think about providing care. Machine learning is improving diagnostics, predicting outcomes, and just beginning to scratch the surface of personalized care. Imagine walking [...]
13 Industries Soon To Be Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence

2019-01-16 1,125 AI machinelearning ArtificialIntelligence BigData healthcare cybersecurity fintech DeepLearning HealthTech Mentalhealth InternetOfThings

Experts from Forbes Technology Council offer their predictions on which industries are about to be revolutionized by artificial intelligence (AI).
13 Mind-Blowing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Already Do Today

2019-11-11 1,028 AI artificialintelligence DataScience MachineLearning BigData IoT TechNews healthtech FutureofWork

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground in our everyday lives, but some of the specific skills it can do might still be a surprise. It is intriguing to consider the power of a machine who could do all these things. Here are 13 mind-blowing things AI can already do today.
Forbes Welcome

2018-04-30 835 MachineLearning DataScience AI BigData ArtificialIntelligence healthtech NewTech fintech Insurtech

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
8 Powerful Examples Of AI For Good

2020-02-10 829 AI artificialintelligence IoT Technews TechForGood AIforGood FakeNews Healthcare HealthTech

Many of the headlines about artificial intelligence warn of its dangers. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can be and is being used for good in many ways from improving the accessibility for people with disabilities to building our resilience to natural disasters.
Forbes Welcome

2018-03-06 785 HealthTech

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
Artificial Intelligence Detects Heart Failure From One Heartbeat With 100% Accuracy

2019-09-12 652 AI DataScience BigData IoT Heartbeat healthcare DigitalHealth HeartFailure HealthTech MedTech DigitalTransformation data

Led by researchers at the Universities of Surrey, Warwick and Florence, new research shows that AI can quickly and accurately identify CHF by analyzing just one electrocardiogram (ECG) heartbeat.
How Is AI Used In Healthcare - 5 Powerful Real-World Examples That Show The Latest Advances

2018-07-27 625 Healthcare DataScience HealthTech cybersecurity

Healthcare can be transformed with the innovation and insights of AI and machine learning. From robot-assisted surgery to virtual nursing assistants, diagnosing conditions facilitating workflow and analyzing images, AI and machines can help improve outcomes for patients and lower costs for providers
Optum BrandVoice: How Is AI Working For Health Care?

2019-04-01 510 HealthCare DeepLearning BigData healthtech digitalhealth

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a lot of hype surrounding it — and for good reason.
Hearing The World Through Machine Learning

2020-10-15 472 AI HealthTech

Startups applying machine learning to improve hearing quality is one example of the enormous transformation underway in digital health. IVP partner Louisa Xu outlines why now is the time to invest in applied ML technologies.
The Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Genomics and Gene Editing

2018-11-16 453 MachineLearning HealthTech Healthcare fintech

It is predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will transform many aspects of our life including healthcare and genomics. AI and machine learning have helped us to understand the genome of organisms and will potentially change the way we treat disease, determine effective drugs and edit genes.
How Artifical Intelligence Is Advancing Precision Medicine

2019-10-18 416 artificialintelligence HealthTech healthcare

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been utilized for years in the field of healthcare and continue to grow tremendously each year with its ability to advance medicine and discoveries in the industry.
How Is AI Revolutionizing Elderly Care

2018-11-01 396 healthtech eldercare Healthcare ElderlyCare

There is an unprecedented growth in the percentage of aging population throughout the world, particularly in growing economies such as Europe, Japan, and China. Here are 5 ways in which AI is revolutionizing elder care.
Using Artificial Intelligence To Fix Healthcare

2018-11-22 310 ArtificialIntelligence Healthcare ML Healthtech

The healthcare industry should be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a far greater degree than at present, but unique challenges in the sector make comprehensive systems difficult to achieve. But more specific projects are helping patients already, without overhauling the entire industry.
What if AI Could Uber the Health Care Industry?

2018-11-12 276 HEALTHTECH Healthcare

When it comes to artificial intelligence, little things can add up in big ways. Now, what if AI could exponentially disrupt the current for-profit healthcare model from focusing on sickness to advancing wellness? Such an emergent phenomenon could usher in a positive new era.
Council Post: The Top AI Healthcare Trends Of 2019

2019-06-28 271 AI healthtech Healthcare Digitalhealth

These four trends are making it easier for patients to receive high-quality care in 2019.