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8 Ways AI Will Transform Our Cities by 2030

2017-11-25 1,734 ArtificialIntelligence TECH INNOVATION HealthTech SmartCities publicsafety iot smartcity BigData

Here’s how the 100 Year Study on Artificial Intelligence thinks AI will affect eight key domains of city life between now and 2030.
Drug Discovery AI to Scour a Universe of Molecules for Wonder Drugs

2017-11-19 285 DeepLearning HealthTech

Exploring every chemically possible drug is humanly impossible, which is why companies are developing drug discovery AI to do the much of the work for us.
The Doctor in the Machine: How AI Is Saving Lives in Healthcare

2017-11-30 276 AI ArtificialIntelligence HealthTech

Artificial intelligence is moving past consumer-pleasing “nice-to-haves” and getting down to serious business: saving our butts.
Why AI Will Be the Best Tool for Extending Our Longevity

2019-12-08 81 healthtech

Artificial intelligence will be the engine that drives breakthroughs in how we approach healthcare and healthy aging.
5 Technologies Bringing Healthcare Systems into the Future

2018-11-11 60 Healthcare iot HealthTech

Rather than being highly imaginative or far-reaching, many of the healthcare technologies the world needs are quite simple and practical.
The Next Data-Driven Healthtech Revolution

2019-02-22 27 HealthTech ArtificialIntelligence

The coming abundance of healthcare data promises to transform how we approach healthcare, putting power in patients' hands and revolutionizing how we live.