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Health Care Is Hemorrhaging Data. AI Is Here to Help

2017-12-30 1,530 ai BigData DataScience Healthcare Deeplearning machineintelligence eHealth HealthIT mHealth

AI could save medicine up to $100 billion a year, if we can only figure out how to apply it.
Top 10 AI and machine learning stories of 2020

2020-12-14 1,058 machinelearning healthIT healthtech DataScience COVID19 100DaysOfCode

Whether assessing vaccine safety and efficacy, assisting with X-ray readings or tracking communities' vulnerability to COVID-19, artificial intelligence has been put to work in new and innovative ways throughout the pandemic.
3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change Healthcare

2020-08-04 541 artificialintelligence HealthCare HealthIT

For most medical professionals, artificial intelligence (AI) will be an accelerant and enabler, not a threat. It would be good business for AI companies as well to help, rather than attempt to replace, medical professionals.

2019-10-24 417 ArtificialIntelligence DataScience IoT BigData healthit Healthcare

Breaking news and analysis from Politics, world news, photos, video, tech reviews, health, science and entertainment news.
How AI and machine learning are transforming clinical decision support

2020-02-21 236 healthIT MachineLearning healthcare

At HIMSS20, Mayo Clinic Platform President Dr. John Halamka and medical journalist Paul Cerrato will explore emerging technologies that are reshaping screening, diagnosis and treatment.
Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution

2020-05-22 232 machinelearning artificialIntelligence COVID19 healthcare COVID healthit

Disease diagnosis, drug discovery, robot delivery—artificial intelligence is already powering change in the pandemic’s wake. That’s only the beginning.
AI And Healthcare: A Giant Opportunity

2019-02-12 230 AI Healthcare ArtificialIntelligence healthit

A look at AI's expected impact in healthcare, by the numbers.
A giant, superfast AI chip is being used to find better cancer drugs - MIT Technology Review

2019-11-20 200 healthcare healthit

A new generation of specialized hardware could make drug development and material discovery orders of magnitude faster.
Artificial intelligence needs patients' voice to remake health care - STAT

2019-09-30 193 AI Healthcare healthIT

Most artificial intelligence efforts in health care use data from electronic health records. Without patients' stories, they are missing vital information.
AI Can Help Patients—but Only If Doctors Understand It

2020-10-02 174 ArtificialIntelligence healthcare healthit

Algorithms can help diagnose a growing range of health problems, but humans need to be trained to listen.
Artificial Intelligence Can Help Doctors Better Detect Heart Attacks

2019-09-10 173 healthcare DigitalHealth HealthTech HealthIT

New research shows that AI could enable hospital accident and emergency departments to more accurately identify and treat patients having a cardiac arrest.
How is AI and machine learning benefiting the healthcare industry?

2020-03-04 159 healthcare healthIT

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are rapidly revolutionising the medical industry around the world.
Top Five Digital Health Technologies in 2019

2019-02-04 132 healthcare healthIT HealthTech blockchain

For 2019, we asked companies around the world one basic question: “Please indicate the key technology which you believe will have the most profound impact on the healthcare industry during 2019?” The results are not very surprising:
Mayo Clinic CIO: 'This artificial intelligence stuff is real'

2019-09-19 112 HealthIT

"And it is coming quickly to a care setting near you," said Cris Ross at Health 2.0 on Tuesday, touting "small AI and big AI" tools that can help revamp IT systems to improve the experience of clinicians and patients alike.
Artificial Intelligence to Make More Health Jobs Than it Eliminates

2017-12-14 110 HealthIT MachineLearning

Artificial intelligence could bring more healthcare job opportunities than it takes away, according to a new report from Gartner.
Using Healthcare AI, Machine Learning for HIT Infrastructure

2018-05-01 108 healthIT

Increased data volume calls for healthcare AI and machine learning to become a standard part of HIT infrastructure to make unstructured data actionable.
Google's parent aims to shape healthcare with AI - Modern Healthcare

2018-04-19 98 HealthIT

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is making inroads into healthcare with data analytics and considering a move into insurance, according to a new analysis.
Machine learning and clinical insights: building the best model

2020-02-18 84 MachineLearning healthIT

AI is helping clinicians better predict and treat conditions such as surgical hypotension, and at HIMSS20 experts will show how more sophisticated future models could have even broader healthcare applications.
AI maturation, 5G, augmented reality point to accelerated innovation in 2020

2020-01-02 71 healthcare HealthIT

These trends in the new year ahead will see healthcare provider organizations innovating solutions and practices to improve healthcare, one expert predicts.