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Why AI Is the ‘New Electricity’ - Knowledge@Wharton

2017-11-07 5,097 AI fintech insurtech deeplearning Bigdata ArtificialIntelligence healthcare iot DataScience SmartCity FutureofWork blockchain HealthTech

Just as electricity transformed industries in the past century, artificial intelligence has the power to substantially change society in the next 100 years.
7 Artificial Intelligence Trends that will Rule 2018

2017-11-14 4,543 AI BigData HealthTech fintech healthcare ia chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) remained the driving force of various industries in 2017. With so many tech giants and startups already delving into the AI ecosystem, it is expected to grow with better…
For the First Time, a Robot Passed a Medical Licensing Exam

2017-11-20 4,018 ai automation BigData Healthcare Robots

Chinese AI-powered robot Xiaoyi took the country's medical licensing examinations and passed, according to local reports.
Where AI Is Headed: 13 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2018

2017-12-04 2,710 DeepLearning healthcare IoT nvidia

Where is AI headed in 2018? Here are 13 artificial intelligence predictions from the world’s leading research experts.
Tech Emergence - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Insights

2017-10-20 2,683 MachineLearning AI BigData fintech ArtificialIntelligence DataScience DeepLearning DigitalTransformation healthcare healthtech Blockchain VoiceRecognition cybersecurity eCommerce insurtech FutureOfWOrk

TechEmergence is an artificial intelligence market research firm. We help companies and institutions gain insight on the applications and implications of AI and machine learning technologies.
The state of AI in 2019 - The Verge

2019-01-28 2,461 fintech artificialintelligence MachineLearning DeepLearning TechNews BigData automation science NeuralNetworks Healthcare

What does artificial intelligence mean? How does machine learning work? These are tough questions, but important ones to answer. In The Verge’s Real World AI Issue we’re going to look at how this technology is being used in the world around you — here and now.
GPU Technology Conference 2018 - #1 GPU Developer Event

2017-11-06 2,093 AI deeplearning Pytorch ML nvidia bigdata cybersecurity GPUComputing healthcare GTC2020

The world's biggest and most important GPU developer conference. Learn how to harness the latest GPU technology. Enjoy face-to-face interactions with industry luminaries and NVIDIA experts.
How Machine Learning, Big Data And AI Are Changing Healthcare Forever

2018-10-16 1,731 BigData Artificialintelligence Healthtech Datascience IoT healthcare

While robots and computers will probably never completely replace doctors and nurses, machine learning/deep learning and AI are transforming the healthcare industry, improving outcomes, and changing the way doctors think about providing care. Machine learning is improving diagnostics, predicting outcomes, and just beginning to scratch the surface of personalized care. Imagine walking [...]
24 industries to be disrupted by AI: an infographic • OneRagtime

2019-06-15 1,624 FinTech FutureOfWork Healthcare Infographic BigData

There's no denying that Artificial Intelligence is set to have significant consequences on our future lives. We've produced this infographic to try to illustrate the concrete ways in which Artificial Intelligence either has disrupted, or will disrupt, across the future of industry.
7 amazing ways artificial intelligence is used in healthcare

2018-09-20 1,555 HealthTech healthcare DigitalHealth Datascience

Skin cancer diagnosis, depression and eye health, are just some of the areas where AI could make a real difference.
Health Care Is Hemorrhaging Data. AI Is Here to Help

2017-12-30 1,530 ai BigData DataScience Healthcare Deeplearning machineintelligence eHealth HealthIT mHealth

AI could save medicine up to $100 billion a year, if we can only figure out how to apply it.
120 AI Predictions For 2019

2018-12-09 1,384 AI fintech ArtificialIntelligence BigData Healthcare IoT automation

2019 predictions for Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning see a greater focus on specific domains and industries, more efficient use of small and big data, and new answers to ethical and privacy challenges.
Your Future Doctor May Not be Human. This Is the Rise of AI in Medicine.

2018-01-31 1,359 AI healthcare MEDTECH artificialIntelligence

AI is integrating into medicine, from the exam room to the operating room. But instead of taking over, AI will give doctors more time to work with patients.
10 Wonderful Examples Of Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Good

2020-06-22 1,314 AI artificialintelligence technews techforgood Healthcare IoT AIForGood InsurTech

There are many ways artificial intelligence can be used for good and to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. Many researchers and organizations are prioritizing projects where artificial intelligence can be used for good. Here are my top 10 ways AI is used responsibly.
Why emotionally intelligent AI is the way forward for chatbots

2018-05-23 1,282 ArtificialIntelligence BlockChain bots chatbots emotionalintelligence healthcare FutureOfWork

Emotionally intelligent AI could revolutionise business areas from marketing and communications to healthcare and transport.