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10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption

2017-12-04 866 Ai Machinelearning Iot Fintech FutureOfWork insurtech

It’s time to take today’s technological threats seriously and change the way you do business.
Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in 2018

2018-01-24 719 CyberSecurity FutureofWork

Eight ways that AI is likely to reshape business in the next 12 months. For further insights, see PwC’s study.
A Strategist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

2017-10-21 214 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork

As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play.
Why AI Will Create Jobs

2018-05-29 112 FutureOfWork

Even in a world of robots, continuous education can keep people employed.
How Robots Will Transform the C-Suite

2019-01-09 87 FutureofWork CSuite

Senior executives need to lead a workforce that seamlessly blends human talent and automation.
The Four Building Blocks of Transformation

2018-11-04 58 FutureofWork

How to lead the disruption of your own enterprise.
What Will Work Look Like in 2030?

2017-12-18 22 FutureOfWork

Imagining four radically different scenarios for how companies will manage people and how people will manage their work and careers.