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Artificial intelligence, the future of work, and inequality

2019-05-31 327 artificialintelligence futureofwork

One of the most spectacular facts of the last two centuries of economic history is the exponential growth in GDP per capita in most of the world. Figure 1 shows the rise (and the difference) in living standards for five countries ...
Machine learning will redesign, not replace, work

2018-06-26 270 MachineLearning futureofwork

The conversation around artificial intelligence and automation seems dominated by either doomsayers who fear robots will supplant all humans in the workforce, or optimists who think there's nothing new under the sun. But ...
Your job might disappear, but don't blame artificial intelligence for that

2018-10-25 33 futureofwork

When we talk about the jobs at risk, artificial intelligence is often seen as the main threat. However, this technology is still at its very beginning, while a lot of jobs are already transforming and even disappearing. Conversely, ...