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50+ Examples of How Blockchains are Taking Over the World

2018-05-31 2,106 blockchain CyberSecurity insurtech DataScience bigdata DeepLearning SmartContracts Fintech Futureofwork

When talking about blockchains, we commonly think of its applications in the future. “Blockchain will solve this, blockchain will achieve that”. It’s easy to forget that blockchains are already…
Blockchain-based Machine Learning Marketplaces – Fred Ehrsam – Medium

2018-03-13 1,595 machinelearning blockchain datascience fintech

Machine learning models trained on data from blockchain-based marketplaces have the potential to create the world’s most powerful artificial intelligences. They combine two potent primitives: private…
Medium – Read, write and share stories that matter

2017-10-29 735 fintech deeplearning bigdata MachineLearning DataScientist 100daysofCode

Welcome to Medium, a place to read, write, and interact with the stories that matter most to you. Every day, thousands of voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium.
Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2018 (Infographic)

2018-01-24 720 AI BigData fintech Insurtech ArtificialIntelligence Machinelearning

Technological advancements are endless and a lot has changed in the last year. It’s time to explore the digital transformation trends that will most likely make headlines in 2018. Mass increase of…
Applications of Machine Learning in FinTech – MEDICI – Medium

2018-02-21 407 MachineLearning BigData Fintech

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. The science behind machine learning is interesting and…
The New-Paradigm: Key Trends in AI-Driven Fintech - Gaurav Sharma - Medium

2019-12-14 273 Fintech

Technology is reshaping the operating-model of financial institutions fundamentally, and the attributes necessary to build a successful business. AI is weakening various components of incumbent…
The convergence of AI and Blockchain: what’s the deal?

2017-12-18 267 AI Blockchain fintech

It is undeniable that AI and blockchain are two of the major technologies that are catalyzing the pace of innovation and introducing radical shifts in every industry. Each technology has its own…
A Primer on AI in Financial Services – Jeff Fraser – Medium

2017-12-19 240 AI Fintech FinServ

At a high level, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that makes machines imitate intelligent human behavior, simulating (and often exceeding) human performance. AI has…
Real world Machine Learning in Fintech – deepakvraghavan – Medium

2018-06-03 237 BigData MachineLearning FinTech

Marc Andreessen made the famous comment — “Software is eating the world” almost 7 years ago. With the increase in the structured and unstructured data, coupled with the power of cloud computing, one…
Why next year can be a turning point for the global insurance innovation market?

2019-07-12 168 InsurTech FinTech

Insurance is a conservative area, which has long remained distanced from innovations. But more and more insurtech companies are appearing in the global market. In just 5 years the number of…
Top 9 Data Science Use Cases in Banking – ActiveWizards: machine learning company – Medium

2018-03-19 127 FinTech

Using data science in the banking industry is more than a trend, it has become a necessity to keep up with the competition. Banks have to realize that big data technologies can help them focus their…
Beyond the Hype: the Ultimate 2018 Fintech Guide – finastra labs – Medium

2018-03-19 111 Fintech

In case you missed the fintech forecasts for this year, this post will help you to quickly catch up! I would like to kick off this post with a quote from Claudia Bate, Head of Financial Services and…
Machine Learning for Finance

2020-06-25 108 FinTech

ML excels in handling large and complex volumes of data, something above the finance industry.
Blockchain for 2018 and Beyond: A (growing) list of blockchain use cases

2018-02-18 105 Blockchain fintech CyberSecurity

Does your company have a New Year’s innovation resolution? 2018 brings an incredible opportunity to take part in the next technological revolution — where Blockchain Technology and SaaS will…
The FinTech Big 5: RegTech, Blockchain, InsurTech, AI and Financial Inclusion

2018-01-16 89 FinTech InsurTech

Going in to 2018, we have chosen five areas of interest to focus on. Each represents a vital area of innovation in the financial industry, and has a particular relevance to Luxembourg’s thriving…
AI is evolving faster than you think… - FutureSin - Medium

2019-07-20 70 insurtech fintech

I usually cover the developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence as part of my regular feature titled Tech Diaries, but this week was so jam-packed with AI news that I had to do write a…
GAFA and Banking: The Next Battleground? – Alessandro Hatami – Medium

2018-05-16 55 fintech

I got my first iPod in 2002 — it was my first Apple product. I had had a Sony Walkman for a long time and had recently moved on to their MiniDisc player, but the iPod was so much better. It changed…
How AI and Machine Learning Are Giving Wealth Managers an Edge

2017-10-25 36 fintech

Robo-advisors are taking the investment world by storm. A low-cost alternative to a personal financial advisor, robo-advisors provide automated investment advice and asset management to the masses…
Chatbots in Banking — Streamline Operations and Retain Customers

2019-04-02 33 Fintech

The average experience of a person with their bank is usually unsatisfactory and not pro-customer. Poor service is one of the primary reasons why banks lose customers. Customers today expect seamless…
How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Retail Banking

2019-07-12 30 FinTech

With technological advancement, artificial intelligence is set to touch and modify the financial sector, specifically retail banking in many different ways. It’s still the beginning stages of AI…