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2018-11-12 1,287 latesttechnews iot womenintech InformationTechnology EmergingTech infosec

Search, Save and Connect with the Technology products, services and vendors you need.
The Company Communications And Employee Advocacy Leader

2017-12-10 1,261 AI Chatbots MachineLearning IoT fintech cybersecurity ArtificialIntelligence BigData FutureofWork Healthcare AIoT DeepLearning emergingtech SupplyChain

Dynamic Signal is a mobile-first company communications platform, trusted by organizations to increase productivity by informing and engaging employees.
Top AI Trends to Watch in 2021

2020-11-24 230 MachineLearning fintech EmergingTech

AI will help executives rethink the future of work and drive more efficiency in operations. What else will AI bring to 2021?
Blockchain Is Changing How Companies Can Engage with Customers

2021-01-06 12 BlockChain emergingTech

Lessons from Canada’s largest digital payments company.