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Infographic: 5 Ways AI Will Change The Future Of Work In 2018

2018-01-05 2,979 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork infographic Infographics DigitalTransformation internetofthings

To celebrate the launch of our Future of Work issue this month, we've compiled together some of the latest reports in a free infographic.
Tech Emergence - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Insights

2017-10-20 2,683 MachineLearning AI BigData fintech ArtificialIntelligence DataScience DeepLearning DigitalTransformation healthcare healthtech Blockchain VoiceRecognition cybersecurity eCommerce insurtech FutureOfWOrk

TechEmergence is an artificial intelligence market research firm. We help companies and institutions gain insight on the applications and implications of AI and machine learning technologies.
What’s now and next in analytics, AI, and automation

2017-10-31 2,308 AI automation fintech Insurtech machinelearning DataScience FutureOfWork digitaltransformation martech

Innovations in digitization, analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation are creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and the economy, even as they reshape employment and the future of work.
Machine learning could check if you’re social distancing properly at work

2020-04-17 2,102 Artificialintelligence Machinelearning Coronavirus covid19 DigitalTransformation

Andrew Ng’s startup Landing AI has created a new workplace monitoring tool that issues an alert when anyone is less than the desired distance from a colleague. Six feet apart: On Thursday, the startup released a blog post with a new demo video showing off a new social distancing detector. On the left is a…
Human + Machine: The Robot Revolution Requires Human Design · Forrester

2017-10-20 2,094 AI ArtificialIntelligence BigData digitaltransformation IoT fintech Blockchain CustServ machinelearning CyberSecurity FutureOfWork

Robots – in the form of artificial intelligence, software bots, intelligent assistants, customer self-service solutions, and, yes, physical robots – are transforming our economy, our jobs, and how we serve our customers. Our research on the robot revolution shows: Economic and job disruptions. We forecast that, by 2027, the US economy will lose 17% of jobs, …
Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent - The New York Times

2017-10-22 1,730 ai ArtificialIntelligence fintech MachineLearning BigData FutureofWork DigitalTransformation

Nearly all big tech companies have an artificial intelligence project, and they are willing to pay experts millions of dollars to help get it done.
10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing In 2019

2019-08-11 1,459 AI machinelearning artificialintelligence blockchain deeplearning digitaltransformation Bigdata futureofwork

The leading growth strategy for manufacturers in 2019 is improving shop floor productivity by investing in machine learning platforms that deliver the insights needed to improve product quality and production yields.
2019 AI Predictions: Six priorities you can’t afford to ignore: PwC

2018-12-05 1,387 AI DigitalTransformation fintech robotics futureofwork Automation IoT Cybersecurity

Businesses have big plans for AI: 20% of US executives surveyed are going all-in this year, rolling out AI across their companies.
5 Important Artificial Intelligence Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Should Read

2018-12-03 1,387 AI deeplearning ArtificialIntelligence machinelearning AUTOMATION fintech DigitalTransformation FutureofWork IoT

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning have made huge strides in 2018. In this post we look at some of the key AI predictions for 2019, where is will be used, how it will make the biggest impact, as well as the key challenges we have to address.
Digital Transformation Trends 2018 - G2 Crowd

2018-01-23 1,330 Cybersecurity IoT DigitalTransformation fintech finserv insurtech

G2 Crowd chief research officer Michael Fauscette examines 2018's biggest digital transformation trends: artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital platforms, and the internet of things.
Why Every Company Needs An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy For 2019

2019-03-21 1,250 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning BigData IoT DigitalTransformation fintech technology aistrategy BlockChain Automation ArtificalIntelligence Digital TechTrends FutureOfWork

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most transformative technology available to businesses today. No matter how big or small, or what sector or industry you are in, your business needs an AI strategy. Here we look at why.
Why AIoT Is Emerging As The Future Of Industry 4.0

2019-08-12 1,209 IoT AIoT Bigdata IIoT InternetOfThings DigitalTransformation Machinelearning industry

The lethal combination of AI and IoT brings us AIoT - Artificial Intelligence of Things - that delivers intelligent and connected systems that are capable of self-correcting and self-healing themselves.
How Marketers Are Using AI And Machine Learning To Grow Audiences

2019-06-04 1,187 AI ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning Digitaltransformation socialmediamarketing Martech

MarTech has changed the game for both B2B and B2C marketers. Read how marketers are using AI and machine learning to reach and engage customers.
Modeling the global economic impact of AI

2018-09-05 1,147 Fintech Datascience McKinsey economy WorldEconomy DigitalTransformation

There is unprecedented potential economic impact of AI. But widening gaps among countries, companies, and workers will need to be managed to maximize the benefits.
4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Digital Transformation In Agriculture

2019-02-07 1,040 AI DigitalTransformation agtech IoT SmartFarming precisionag

One area many people are surprised to see changes from AI is agriculture. Here are 4 ways AI will drive digital transformation in Agriculture.
AI problems and promises

2018-10-16 1,017 fintech Insurtech futureofwork artificialintelligence MachineLearning DataScience McKinsey deeplearning BlockChain digitaltransformation

Artificial intelligence promises considerable economic and societal benefits, even with AI problems like disrupting the world of work and necessary progress. McKinsey discusses three priorities to help achieve good outcomes.
Artifical intellligence: Why a digital base is critical

2018-07-26 961 artificialintelligence DigitalTransformation MachineLearning Digital BigData fintech insurtech DataScience

Early AI adopters are starting to shift industry profit pools. Companies need strong digital capabilities to compete.