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Someone Used a Deep Learning AI to Perfectly Insert Harrison Ford Into Solo: A Star Wars Story

2018-10-17 683 StarWars DeepLearning fintech deepfakes

Casting anyone other than Harrison Ford in the role of Han Solo just feels like sacrilege, but since Ford is now 76 years old, playing a younger version of himself would be all but impossible. Or at least impossible if you rely on the standard Hollywood de-aging tricks like makeup and CG. Artificial intelligence, it turns out, does a pretty amazing job at putting Ford back into the role of Solo.
New AI fake text generator may be too dangerous to release, say creators

2019-02-14 552 AI artificialintelligence OpenAI fakenews MachineLearning Deepfakes BigData AIEthics Deeplearning

The Elon Musk-backed nonprofit company OpenAI declines to release research publicly for fear of misuse
Artificial Intelligence Is Creating A Fake World -- What Does That Mean For Humans?

2019-05-07 424 artificialintelligence MachineLearning Deepfakes

As artificial intelligence continues to advance, the line between real and artificial is getting more blurred. Many applications are awe-inspiring or for entertainment, but when photos, audio, text, and video is so real, you can't tell if it's artificial, it can also be used for nefarious purposes.
Deepfakes Are Going To Wreak Havoc On Society. We Are Not Prepared.

2020-05-26 309 Deepfakes AI DeepFake

In the months and years ahead, deepfakes threaten to grow from an Internet oddity to a widely destructive political and social force.
These fake images tell a scary story of how far AI has come - Vox

2019-05-31 271 deepfakes

Five years ago, the technique for deepfakes was invented. Here’s what we’re capable of now.
Full body deepfakes are the next step in AI-based human mimicry

2019-09-21 186 deepfakes

This developing branch of synthetic media technology has commercial applications—but also has the potential to disrupt elections and spread disinformation.
Deepfakes Are Getting Better. But They're Still Easy to Spot

2019-05-26 183 Deepfakes ml

New research shows how to create seemingly realistic photos or video from a single image. But it won't be easy to deploy anytime soon.
AI deepfakes are now as simple as typing whatever you want your subject to say - The Verge

2019-06-10 177 deepfake deepfakes

Deepfake technology is getting better every day, making it easier to edit video and audio. The latest example of research comes from Stanford University, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Princeton University, and Adobe Research, a
You can train an AI to fake UN speeches in just 13 hours - MIT Technology Review

2019-06-07 176 DeepFakes deepfake

Deep-learning techniques have made it easier and easier for anyone to forge convincing misinformation.
Facebook just released a database of 100,000 deepfakes to teach AI how to spot them

2020-06-12 161 AI deepfakes Facebook DeepFake Artificialintelligence

Deepfakes⁠ have struck a nerve with the public and researchers alike. There is something uniquely disturbing about these AI-generated images of people appearing to say or do something they didn’t. With tools for making deepfakes now widely available and relatively easy to use, many also worry that they will be used to spread dangerous misinformation.…
Thieves are now using AI deepfakes to trick companies into sending them money - The Verge

2019-09-05 142 DeepFakes CyberSecurity

There may soon be serious financial and legal ramifications to the proliferation of deepfake technology. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that a UK energy company’s chief executive was tricked into wiring €200,000 to a Hungarian supplier because he believed his boss was instructing him to do so. Instead, it was a thief using deepfake tech.
Don’t Click This (How to Spot Deepfakes and AI-Generated Text)

2020-06-23 139 DeepLearning DeepFakes

The technologies that generate deepfake content is at the forefront of manipulating humans. While the research developing these algorithms is fascinating and will lead to powerful tools that enhance the way people create and work, in the wrong hands, these same tools drive misinformation at a scale we can't yet…
These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist

2018-12-17 129 deepfakes

Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration
Internet Companies Prepare to Fight the ‘Deepfake’ Future - The New York Times

2019-11-24 128 Deepfake deepfakes

Researchers are creating tools to find A.I.-generated fake videos before they become impossible to detect. Some experts fear it is a losing battle.
Don’t Believe Your Eyes (or Ears): The Weaponization of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deepfakes - War on the Rocks

2019-10-07 128 Deepfakes

It’s 6:58 a.m. and it’s still dark in Vilnius. Marcus stops by the coffee shop on his way to work as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy. As he exits, ready to
Can AI Save the Internet from Fake News?

2019-06-30 126 AI FakeNews DeepFakes

Many of the linguistic tools that have been applied to determine when people are being deceitful can be baked into algorithms for spotting fake news.
Here Come the Fake Videos, Too - The New York Times

2018-03-05 121 deepfake artificialintelligence machinelearning deepfakes

Artificial Intelligence video tools make it relatively easy to put one person’s face on another person’s body with few traces of manipulation. I tried it on myself. What could go wrong?
Exploring the edge cases of artificial intelligence in 2020 - TechHQ

2020-07-20 117 AI DeepFakes

Artificial intelligence is being used more broadly than ever before, speeding up processes and forging innovative paths for businesses to focus their
Automated hacking, deepfakes are top cybersecurity threats in 2020

2019-12-21 114 cybersecurity deepfakes

Wider adoption of 5G would also allow cybercriminals to transfer large volumes of data from one server to another online at faster speeds.
The Next Phase of AI Is Deep-Faking the Whole World … And China is Ahead - Defense One

2019-03-31 114 deepfakes

Step 1: Use AI to make undetectable changes to outdoor photos. Step 2: release them into the open-source world and enjoy the chaos.