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Security magazine provides security industry news and trends on video surveillance, cyber security, physical security, security guards, access management and more for security executives and the security industry.
Artificial Intelligence And Data Privacy – Turning A Risk Into A Benefit

2020-08-10 312 artificialintelligence DataScience Dataprivacy CyberSecurity

Artificial intelligence applications are not open, and can put privacy at risk. The addition of good tools to address privacy for data being used by AI systems is an important early step in adding trust into the AI equation.

2019-05-12 307 IG InfoGov IoT DataPrivacy BigData OpenData InfoSec autoclassification

The National Conference on Managing Electronic Records (MER) is renowned as the nation’s premier educational experience focusing on the life-cycle management of electronic records. For over 25 years, the mission of the MER Conference has been to serve as the leading forum for providing thought leadership and education on the management of electronic records from the Legal, Technical and “How-To” perspective. Collectively, these are the key components conference attendees have sought for ac[...]
How Thomson Reuters and IBM are bringing AI to data privacy professionals - Watson

2018-01-29 287 DataPrivacy

Thomson Reuters and IBM created an AI-powered feature, Ask Watson a Question, which is embedded into Thomson Reuters Data Privacy Advisor solution.
CCPA: What Does It Mean For AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

2019-12-27 163 MachineLearning dataprivacy fintech

It’s going to make a difference. So here’s what companies can do.
Governance, Privacy, and Ethics at the Forefront of Data in 2021

2021-01-21 127 DataPrivacy

As we continue to gear up 2021, it’s hard to envision the topics of data governance, privacy, and ethics not becoming more pressing topics for companies.
Is artificial intelligence the answer to data privacy protection? (Includes interview)

2021-01-31 87 DataPrivacy

The last week in January sees the marking the importance of protecting the rights of individuals from the business world. This is marked on January 28, through Data Privacy Day. An expert looks at the measures that businesses can be taking.
Digital Privacy In The Era Of Artificial Intelligence

2018-05-22 34 DataPrivacy

Companies use AI today for numerous tasks, such as marketers to buy their products and the financial industry to process credit applications, along with newer applications such as medical diagnosis.
The Implications of Data Privacy Regulations on AI

2019-09-20 27 Dataprivacy

The future of AI is critically dependent on data quality, and for many companies, data quality is dependent on complying with privacy regulations.
Data privacy risks to consider when using AI - FM

2020-02-25 26 dataprivacy

New technology carries unexpected perils that corporate leaders should guard against to keep consumer, employee, and client data safe.