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Machine learning is about to revolutionize the study of ancient games - MIT Technology Review

2019-06-20 1,870 machinelearning DataMining AncientGames

The science of archaeoludology is being transformed by AI, computer modeling and data mining.
State Of AI And Machine Learning In 2019

2019-09-08 1,532 machinelearning DataScience BigData datamining predictiveanalytics technology Analytics CloudComputing ArtificialIntelligence Marketing fintech TechNews business neuralnetworks

Marketing and Sales prioritize AI and machine learning higher than any other department in enterprises today. In-memory analytics and in-database analytics are the most important to Finance, Marketing, and Sales when it comes to scaling their AI and machine learning modeling and development efforts.
AI’s biggest risk factor: Data gone wrong

2018-02-13 208 ArtificialIntelligence DataScience DataMining

Bad data is big issue for artificial intelligence, and as businesses increasingly embrace AI, the stakes will only get higher. Here’s how not to get burned.
How Twitter, data mining, and machine learning can combat the coronavirus - TechRepublic

2020-01-30 124 DataMining SocialMedia artificialintelligence datascience bigdata Coronavirus

Social media can send up an early warning sign of illness, and data analysis can predict how it will spread.
Data Science vs Machine Learning vs Data Mining: The Real Differences

2018-10-09 107 datamining

As information is developing at a quicker pace, new terms related to processing and working information are coming up. These incorporate data science...
Fraude fiscale : +130% de sommes recouvrées grâce à l'intelligence artificielle

2020-02-17 58 Datamining

INFO RTL - Avec le "dataming", outil d'intelligence artificielle permettent le croisement des données, les sommes mises en recouvrement par Bercy ont augmenté de 130% en 2019.
What is NLP?

2019-01-29 21 datamining

Looking to hire NLP Engineers? Talk to us - Natural Language Processing or NLP is a much sought after skill these days. I...