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AIEVE Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning - powered by Peculium

2018-02-05 3,430 Peculium Blockchain AI AIEVE Data Crypto BTC BeliEve FinancialFreedom Libra BitcoinIsBack

AIEVE AI and ML software to manage your savings. AIEVE is powered by Peculium and supported by the best technology Artificial Intelligence, Nature language processing NLP, Machine Learning, Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Data Visualisation. To get better value of your portfolio use AIEVE!
Our weird behavior during the pandemic is screwing with AI models

2020-05-11 3,041 Artificialintelligence Machinelearning AI COVID19 BigData data COVID AIModels

Anyone looking for an illustration of how rapidly shopping habits changed when covid-19 hit needed only to glance at the top 10 search terms on Amazon in the week of April 12 to 18. In place of former mainstays like phone cases, phone chargers, and Lego sets were “toilet paper,” “face mask,” “hand sanitizer,” “paper…
Artificial Intelligence Needs Big Data, and Big Data Needs AI - RTInsights

2017-12-27 1,777 AI ArtificialIntelligence BigData data

Artificial intelligence and big data have formed a truly symbiotic relationship, and they need each other to ring to fruition what both are promising.
IBM Think 2018

2017-12-08 1,567 AI data think2018 IoT think IBMThink IBMPartner Think2019 automation Think2020

Discover what the world is thinking at Think 2018, IBM's first business event to go beyond IT conference, exploring cloud technology, data analytics & security.
Payments News & Mobile Payments Trends, Consumer Payments News, Financial Technology News

2017-10-20 1,442 ai ml BigData MachineLearning fintech DataScience Iot Blockchain CyberSecurity Data

Online coverage of payments news and top industry trends. Insight and reporting on payments, commerce, FinTech and innovation.
Instructor-Led Online Training with 24X7 Lifetime Support

2018-05-17 1,007 BigData DataScience Zillonlife ZLFcrypto ML skill NITWarangal Data automation freewebinar

Edureka is an online training provider with the most effective learning system in the world. We help professionals learn trending technologies for career growth.
Ready. Set. Go! Data Readiness for Artificial Intelligence (AI) » Community

2019-04-22 861 Data

Combining the computational power of artificial intelligence (AI) with the critical thinking ability of humans is the ideal solution for organizations looking to accelerate the discovery of actionable insights from their data assets.
Artificial Intelligence Detects Heart Failure From One Heartbeat With 100% Accuracy

2019-09-12 652 AI DataScience BigData IoT Heartbeat healthcare DigitalHealth HeartFailure HealthTech MedTech DigitalTransformation data

Led by researchers at the Universities of Surrey, Warwick and Florence, new research shows that AI can quickly and accurately identify CHF by analyzing just one electrocardiogram (ECG) heartbeat.
The 10 Best Examples Of How Companies Use Artificial Intelligence In Practice

2019-12-09 639 AI artificialintelligence DataScience MachineLearning BigData IoT futureofwork Data

All the world's tech leaders are racing to offer cutting-edge uses of artificial intelligence (AI). As a result, they use artificial intelligence in many ways and give us some of the best examples of artificial intelligence in practice. Here are the ten best examples of how companies use AI today.
The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Influencer Marketing

2020-06-22 605 Data

Digital marketers have to deploy AI. They also have to defeat it
Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry – TechCrunch

2018-05-11 604 ai bigdata DeepLearning data SyntheticData artificialIntelligence

The visual data sets of images and videos amassed by the most powerful tech companies have been a competitive advantage, a moat that keeps the advances of machine learning out of reach from many. This advantage will be overturned by the advent of synthetic data.
How AI Can Transform The Transportation Industry

2019-07-27 598 tech BigData data

From self-driving vehicles to traffic management to safety apps for ladies, AI in transportation is indeed becoming a must-have for companies.
VARINDIA Microsoft announces AI for Humanitarian Action

2018-09-25 567 AI IoT ArtificialIntelligence Data machinelearning DataScience DeepLearning Cybersecurity internetofthings SmartCities ITNews COVID19 COVID19Pandemic

Microsoft has announced the third program within its AI for Good initiative – AI for Humanitarian Action, a new US$40-million, 5-year program aimed at leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to address some of the world’s biggest humanitarian challenges. VARINDIA - India's frontline IT Magazine, provides the real time IT News. We became the must visited website of Top IT News, vendors, Top IT Professionals, solution providers, CIOs and CEOs of Indian enterprises. We also provides [...]