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Our weird behavior during the pandemic is screwing with AI models

2020-05-11 3,039 Artificialintelligence Machinelearning AI COVID19 BigData data COVID AIModels

Anyone looking for an illustration of how rapidly shopping habits changed when covid-19 hit needed only to glance at the top 10 search terms on Amazon in the week of April 12 to 18. In place of former mainstays like phone cases, phone chargers, and Lego sets were “toilet paper,” “face mask,” “hand sanitizer,” “paper…
Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained! - YouTube

2020-09-09 2,003 COVID19 CoronaVirus COVID plandemic

The ultimate update on our viral issue, bar none - Sept 8th 2020 . Get educated guys and gals - or gkeep your head in the sand while your errant leaders dest...
How AI and machine learning are helping to tackle COVID-19

2020-05-28 1,001 machinelearning ai ArtificialIntelligence IoT BigData COVID19 COVID Healthcare CoronaVirus Telemedicine

Organizations have been quick to apply AI and machine-learning in the fight to curb the pandemic - and here are some of the most exciting applications.
The Recession’s Impact on Analytics and Data Science

2020-06-16 833 DataScience COVID19 Covid

There has been a huge demand for data scientists in the past decade. Is that about to change?
Artificial intelligence model detects asymptomatic Covid-19 infections through cellphone-recorded coughs

2020-10-29 670 artificialintelligence MachineLearning COVID19 covid Healthcare artificalintelligence DigitalHealth

An artificial intelligence model can detect people who are asymptomatic with Covid-19, through cellphone-recorded coughs. The work was led by Brian Subirana and colleagues at the MIT Auto-ID Lab.
Coronavirus: How Artificial Intelligence, Data Science And Technology Is Used To Fight The Pandemic

2020-03-13 506 AI artificialintelligence data science coronavirus COVID DataScience Covid19 HealthCare CoronavirusPandemic futureofwork CoronavirusOutbreak

As coronavirus (COVID-19) swept from China to the rest of the world, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and other technologies were thrust into action to help humans manage the crisis. Here are 10 ways technology is being used to manage and fight COVID-19.
AI 50 Founders Predict What Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like After Covid-19

2020-07-10 331 artificialintelligence COVID19 Covid

“We have seen two years of digital transformation in the course of the last two months.”
How Hospitals Are Using AI to Battle Covid-19

2020-04-03 310 AI Covid19 coronavirus covid DigitalTransformation HealthCare

Overwhelmed and under-equipped, some health centers are innovating in the midst of the global pandemic.
Someone leaked the COVID hospitalization data taken from the CDC

2020-10-31 232 covid

After a change in reporting procedure, daily updates vanished.
Covid-19 Will Accelerate the AI Health Care Revolution

2020-05-22 232 machinelearning artificialIntelligence COVID19 healthcare COVID healthit

Disease diagnosis, drug discovery, robot delivery—artificial intelligence is already powering change in the pandemic’s wake. That’s only the beginning.
Why Covid Will Make AI Go Mainstream In 2021: Top 3 Trends For Enterprises

2020-12-21 195 AI COVID EdgeComputing futureofwork

Artificial Intelligence will transform the future of Pharma Drug Discovery, Work from Home, and Edge Computing in 2021. Find out why this will be the year when AI sees widespread use across industries.
Chinese Hospitals Deploy AI to Help Diagnose Covid-19

2020-02-26 176 artificialIntelligence COVID19 MachineLearning Covid

Software that reads CT lung scans had primarily been used to detect cancer. Now, it's been retooled to look for signs of pneumonia caused by coronavirus.
AI will soon face a major test: Can it differentiate Covid-19 from flu? - STAT

2020-10-15 132 COVID19 flu covid

Numerous AI models are promising to distinguish between Covid-19 and flu by sifting data on symptoms and analyzing chest X-rays and CT scans.
World's First AI Doctor: Ask anything about Coronavirus & Covid-19

2020-04-02 97 Covid

CoRover, in collaboration with Fortis Healthcare as a knowledge partner, develops an innovative AI-based VideoBot to answer any question related to coronavirus.
AI use cases in healthcare for Covid-19 and beyond - Information Age

2020-09-04 80 Covid

We take a look at some of the most notable use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) within the healthcare sector today