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Why conversational AI won't work without purpose

2018-11-06 2,235 AI ArtificialIntelligence chatbots futureofwork blockchain conversationalAI

"Purpose impacts the choice of technology, how it is measured and the ethics of its application."
Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends for 2020

2019-07-14 457 AI MachineLearning IoT XaaS conversationalAI WiFi WiFi6

Exploring the most significant digital transformation trends that will impact business and our lives in 2020
Enterprise Chatbot Solutions For The AI & NLP Era

2017-11-14 209 artificialintelligence chatbot ConversationalAI virtualassistants DigitalTransformation is the only chatbot platform built with the enterprise in mind. Build NLP ready chatbots that use ML and AI to complete all types of tasks. Demo Now
Digital Banking Success Requires Conversational Engagement

2019-02-28 168 fintech ConversationalAI

Conversational banking will provide real-time, personalized engagement generating loyalty and revenues.
Why conversational AI will become a c-suite priority in 2020 - TechRepublic

2019-11-10 152 CONVERSATIONAL PRIORITY TECHNOLOGY ConversationalAI CSuite futureofwork

Voice-enabled chatbots provide new ways for customers to interact on different channels including websites and text messaging.
Forbes Welcome

2017-12-04 125 conversationalai

Forbes Welcome page -- Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle.
Nvidia breaks records in training and inference for real-time conversational AI – TechCrunch

2019-08-13 99 Nvidia ConversationalAI

Nvidia’s GPU-powered platform for developing and running conversational AI that understands and responds to natural language requests has achieved some key milestones and broken some records that have big implications for anyone building on their tech – which includes companies large and small, since much of the code they’ve used to achieve these advancements is […]
Google Cloud BrandVoice: Simplifying Conversational AI, One Interaction At A Time

2020-02-27 93 ConversationalAI

What if we could speak with our devices, cars, and homes just as easily as we do with our friends?
Conversational AI — a new wave of voice-enabled computing

2019-12-17 55 ConversationalAI

In 2014, Andrew Ng predicted that by 2020 more than half of all web searches would be non-text and instead they would instead be image and voice-based.
How conversational AI, voice and chatbots will transform patient and consumer engagement - MedCity News

2019-04-22 45 ConversationalAI

Kristi Ebong, Orbita SVP Strategy and GM Healthcare Providers, is taking part in a panel discussion at the healthcare investment conference MedCity INVEST in Chicago April 23-24 called, “What Can Alexa/Voice Do for Healthcare?”
Conversational AI Can Propel Social Stereotypes

2020-01-14 40 ConversationalAI

Designers need to consider the ethics of gendering not just AI voices, but also their tone, speed, word choice, and other speech patterns.
Conversational AI Needs Conversation Design

2019-06-26 39 ConversationalAI

When consumers can easily converse with a brand, they are more likely to develop affinity for that brand and to buy from them.
Natural Language Processing Engine Built for Chatbot Intelligence

2019-03-11 28 ConversationalAI

Kore's Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine is combined with Machine Learning, giving developers a headstart in building bots that understand human speech and converse intelligently.
Conversational AI — 3 ways it's changing customer service - TechHQ

2020-11-19 22 ConversationalAI

How can conversational AI platforms overcome the deficiencies of the traditional contact center next year? As future-forward as it might sound,
Conversational AI Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now

2020-05-01 19 conversationalai

Podcasts have been consumed by many of us, whether running, jogging, commuting, doing chores, or driving as we are learning new things or having a good laugh. When we’re curious to learn but are…
Conversational A.I. Needs Meaning, Not Keywords: Part 1

2019-05-30 18 ConversationalAI

As a cognitive scientist working on human-level conversational A.I., I often ask people why they use parts-of-speech in their model of language. I mean, it duplicates definitions, is a part of the…
The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2021-100% Virtual & Online Tickets, Thu 4 Feb 2021 at 11:00

2020-08-31 16 ConversationalAI

Eventbrite - The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit presents The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2021-100% Virtual & Online - Thursday, 4 February 2021 | Friday, 5 February 2021 - Find event and ticket information.