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7 Digital Transformation Trends Impacting Business – TechNative

2017-10-21 2,822 AI Cybersecurity devops CloudComputing BigData InternetofThings

Digital Transformation is a Seismic Shift in the Business World Businesses are fighting to keep up with the ever-changing trends in technology. A flawless and smooth digital experience is the demand of consumers from every product vendor, business and brand they interact with. Companies that achieve this can benefit from brand loyalty and rapid growth. Adapting to the newest technologies and bringing about the necessary change is more important than ever. Following key trends in digital transfor[...]
State Of AI And Machine Learning In 2019

2019-09-08 1,519 machinelearning DataScience BigData datamining predictiveanalytics technology Analytics CloudComputing ArtificialIntelligence Marketing fintech TechNews business neuralnetworks

Marketing and Sales prioritize AI and machine learning higher than any other department in enterprises today. In-memory analytics and in-database analytics are the most important to Finance, Marketing, and Sales when it comes to scaling their AI and machine learning modeling and development efforts.
An Executive's Guide To Understanding Cloud-based Machine Learning Services

2019-01-01 623 MachineLearning DeepLearning IoT BigData ML cloudcomputing PaaS

This article attempts to explain the terminology and delivery models adopted by public cloud providers. It aims to help business decision makers choose the right cloud-based ML and AI service.
Council Post: Three Technologies To Accelerate Digital Transformation

2020-08-12 364 DigitalTransformation Cloudcomputing IoT Data tech

Right now, there’s a window of opportunity for organizations of all sizes to undertake improvements that will scale over time.

2019-10-07 295 AI ArtificialIntelligence machinelearning bigdata cognitiveai CognitiveComputing DeepLearning CloudComputing

The Cognitive Software Group is a bespoke AI Consultancy with services to develop insight from data and has an AI Platform that uses semantic computing. Experts in Semantic Computing, Natural Language Understanding, Machine Learning and Knowledge Bases.
Cyber security, cloud computing, IoT, and data science are the next booming sectors - Express Computer

2020-08-24 282 IoT cybersecurity cloudcomputing datascience

Read Article Emerging technologies have been dominating the corporate world, even before the pandemic. But the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus brought about a massive disruption across industries, forcing even those who were far behind in terms of technology to jump on the bandwagon and digitize their operations in order to survive the crisis. […]
5 Big Data Trends That Will Change AI In 2018 - SmartData Collective

2017-11-27 260 BigData Cloudcomputing DataScience

By familiarizing yourself with the emerging trends, you will be well-prepared to leverage big data and AI-based solutions.
AI and the cloud: Reduce risks, run smarter – TechNative

2019-07-05 226 CloudComputing

It’s indisputable to anyone seeing the big picture: New data-driven applications are moving to, or starting life running in the cloud Given the maturity of cloud platforms and services, the increasing automation and resilience of current cloud infrastructure is an ideal environment for running modern data pipelines. For many companies and institutions, their cloud first strategy is becoming a cloud-only strategy. Native online business’ such as Netflix as well as mainstream enterprises such [...]
How The Cloud Can Solve Life Science’s Big Data Problem

2019-12-20 184 BigDATA cloudComputing Cloud

Small startups and big companies alike are recognizing that modern biotech R&D is as much a data problem as a science problem. One company's solution: the cloud.
The Mantaray by kaleidascopetechnologies — Kickstarter

2018-01-07 130 Solutions Moveinfaith CloudComputing COMINGSOON

kaleidascopetechnologies is raising funds for The Mantaray on Kickstarter! Artificial Intelligence IOT HVAC Manta ray new technology innovation AI Security Flood prevention Internet of Things Hardware Big Data
Smarter clouds, smarter businesses: How AI is transforming the cloud computing industry - Cloud Tech News

2018-11-16 118 CloudComputing

Without cloud computing we simply wouldn't have today's AI capabilities, which rely on enormous reserves of premium data.
The top technologies that enabled digital transformation this decade - TechRepublic

2019-11-26 99 digitaltransformation IOT BigData cloudComputing artificialIntelligence

These technologies enable enterprises to digitally transform the way people interact with each other and their surroundings.
Cloud computing’s next phase in business transformation

2018-01-25 97 blockchain CloudComputing

Cloud computing has disrupted businesses like no other technology, but with cloud-enabled innovations, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, the true extent of its impact has yet to be felt
Banks' Inevitable Race To The Cloud

2019-07-22 89 fintech finserv CloudComputing

Despite proof and evidence of the benefits, skepticism around cloud computing in banking remains. Rest assured, it won't take 100 years for popular opinion to change. Even if we are talking about bankers.
Artificial intelligence trends of 2019

2019-10-14 85 artificialintelligence MachineLearning Cloudcomputing

Every year we witness a change in AI trends that set a benchmark for the following year.
Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes, more - TechRepublic

2019-12-21 76 CloudComputing cybersecurity

Find out what Jack Wallen predicts for the cloud and cloud-adjacent technology in 2020 and why he encourages you to dream big.
These 3 technologies will permanently change the banking sector

2019-01-21 73 Fintech CloudComputing

Today’s emerging tech will not merely speed up transactions and reduce costs – they could drive a restructuring of the financial sector and shift the balance of power.
The 10 most in-demand skills of 2019, according to LinkedIn

2019-01-06 71 LinkedIn CloudComputing

LinkedIn recently analyzed hundreds of thousands of job postings in order to determine which skills companies need most in 2019. They found that employers are looking for workers with both soft skills and hard technical skills.