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How To develop An Artificial Intelligence Strategy: 9 Things Every Business Must Include

2019-03-19 679 artificialintelligence BigData MachineLearning DeepLearning fintech insurtech AIStrategy DigitalTransformation FutureOfWork BlockChain BusinessIntelligence

An artificial intelligence (AI) strategy has become a vital tool every organisation needs. Based on my experience helping companies develop their AI strategies, I share my nine things every AI strategy must include.
Decision intelligence: The new BI

2021-03-04 346 businessintelligence MachineLearning

Business intelligence systems and strategies are being augmented with AI and machine learning to provide decision-making context and recommendations across the enterprise.
Gvm Analytics

2017-10-21 269 DataScience BigData StartUp DigitalMarketing Socialmedia businessintelligence

Analytics that creates Insight, Impact and Innovation.Today’s global leaders understand analytics is the new secret weapon to drive competitive advantage.
Augmented Analytics Drives Next Wave of AI, Machine Learning, BI - InformationWeek

2020-03-19 211 businessintelligence

Business intelligence will move beyond dashboards, and AI and machine learning will become easier for less skilled workers as augmented analytics are embedded into platforms.
AI Business Intelligence - The Future of Business Intelligence

2019-11-21 105 BusinessIntelligence

AI Business Intelligence -Today’s businesses leverage the power of Artificial intelligence (AI) in many ways.
Research finds that AI improves business intelligence

2019-05-24 49 BusinessIntelligence

Research has found that AI improves business intelligence, as part of movement in which technology is transforming how business analysts learn and thrive
Enterprise AI and the art of business intelligence

2020-04-30 12 businessIntelligence

Organisations are looking to Enterprise AI to revolutionise redefine business processes says Adi Pendyala, Aspen Technology.
AI drives innovation in next-generation cloud business intelligence - SiliconANGLE

2018-11-14 11 businessintelligence

AI drives innovation in next-generation cloud business intelligence - SiliconANGLE
6 Examples of AI in Business Intelligence Applications

2018-12-12 9 businessIntelligence

In this article we'll explore 6 distinct examples of AI in business intelligence applications, including Business Dashboards, Sales Enablement, Predicti...