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Xage emerges from stealth with a blockchain-based IoT security solution

2017-12-14 2,005 Blockchain

Getting the myriad of devices involved in the industrial internet of things provisioned and communicating with one another in a secure way will be one of the..
Building AI systems that work is still hard

2018-01-02 1,664 AI Blockchain ArtificialIntelligence fintech

Even with the support of AI frameworks like TensorFlow or OpenAI, artificial intelligence still requires deep knowledge and understanding compared to a..
Diversifying the blockchain

2018-01-21 885 Blockchain

"The consensus is that because blockchain is so niche and it’s mostly early adopters who come from tech and finance, that it’s actually less diverse than..
What do AI and blockchain mean for the rule of law? – TechCrunch

2018-05-12 341 AI Blockchain bigdata legaltech ruleoflaw law fintech Legal

Digital services have frequently been in collision — if not out-and-out conflict — with the rule of law. But what happens when technologies such as deep learning software and self-executing code are in the driving seat of legal decisions? How can we be sure next-gen ‘legal tech…
Artificial intelligence can contribute to a safer world – TechCrunch

2019-08-14 279 AI artificialintelligence facialRecognition BlockChain

Matt Ocko Contributor Share on Twitter Matt Ocko is co-Managing Partner and co-founder of DCVC (Data Collective). Alan Cohen Contributor Share on Twitter Alan Cohen is an operating partner at DCVC. We all see the headlines nearly every day. A drone disrupting the airspace in one of the world’s busiest airports, putting aircraft at risk […]
How artificial intelligence will take over the supermarket produce aisles – TechCrunch

2018-04-11 264 AI MachineLearning Blockchain supermarket FutureofFood

Incredible advances in machine learning will help create tastier, cheaper food for all.
IBM plans to hire 1,800 people in France for blockchain and AI – TechCrunch

2018-05-23 205 Blockchain InsurTech

IBM CEO Virginia Rometty is currently having lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. And Rometty talked with Le Monde and announced some new investments in France as part of the Tech for Good Summit organized by Macron. The company plans to hire 1,800 new people in France over the nex…
Navigating the risks of artificial intelligence and machine learning in low-income countries – TechCrunch

2018-05-24 172 MachineLearning Blockchain

Aubra Anthony Contributor Aubra Anthony is the strategy and research lead for the Center for Digital Development within the US Agency for International Development. On a recent work trip, I found myself in a swanky-but-still-hip office of a private tech firm. I was drinking a freshly frothed cappuc…
Tradeshift Frontiers innovation lab hopes to drive blockchain adoption in the global supply chain

2018-01-23 162 Blockchain

Today, Tradeshift, a procure-to-pay supply chain management platform for SMBs and enterprise, announced Tradeshift Frontiers.  Frontiers is a innovation..
SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel has a grand vision for the future of AI

2017-12-22 149 Blockchain SingularityNET

SingularityNET, is an ambitions project to create a decentralized marketplace for AI, has raised a lot of money in its token sale. In around 20 seconds after..
Bank-based blockchain projects are going to transform the financial services industry

2018-01-29 147 Blockchain

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies has grown, so has the banking industry’s interest in blockchain for fintech, with an increased and focused push on..
How tech is transforming the intelligence industry – TechCrunch

2019-08-10 143 blockchain

Shay Hershkovitz Contributor Share on Twitter Shay Hershkovitz is a Senior Research Fellow at The Intelligence Methodology Research Center (IMRC). At a conference on the future challenges of intelligence organizations held in 2018, former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats argued that he transformation of the American intelligence community must be a revolution rather than […]
Google launches new AI initiatives in Japan – TechCrunch

2018-09-19 67 Blockchain

It’s no surprise that Google used its Cloud Next 2018 event in Tokyo today — one of a number of international Cloud Next events that follow its flagship San Francisco conference — to announce a couple of new initiatives that specifically focus on the Japanese market. These announc…
How augmented and virtual reality will reshape the food industry

2017-12-25 45 Blockchain virtualreality

Augmented reality content can be found on everything from wine bottles to IKEA’s catalog and virtual reality experiences are much more detailed, with rich..
IBM’s Verifier inspects (and verifies) diamonds, pills and materials at the micron level – TechCrunch

2018-05-23 39 Blockchain

It's not enough in this day and age that we have to deal with fake news, we also have to deal with fake prescription drugs, fake luxury goods, and fake Renaissance-era paintings. Sometimes all at once! IBM's Verifier is a gadget and platform made (naturally) to instantly verify that something is wh…
Gartner picks digital ethics and privacy as a strategic trend for 2019 – TechCrunch

2018-10-16 29 Blockchain

Analyst Gartner, best known for crunching device marketshare data; charting technology hype cycles; and churning out predictive listicles of emergent capabilities at software’s cutting edge has now put businesses on watch that as well as dabbling in the usual crop of nascent technologies orga…
Global investor SparkLabs launches a consultancy business for corporates – TechCrunch

2019-02-06 28 BlockChain

Global investor SparkLabs is adding another business line after it announced a new consultancy division that’s aimed at working with Fortune 500 companies and other global corporates keen to deepen their position in tech. Best known for its funds — which cover global deals, a crypto veh…’s new accelerator focuses on blockchain startups

2018-02-27 21 AI Blockchain, one of China’s largest e-commerce companies, is launching a new Beijing-based accelerator program for artificial intelligence and blockchain..
Insurance startups have raised billions as industry players fight tech disruptors – TechCrunch

2018-09-27 16 Blockchain fintech insurtech

The once sleepy world of insurance has become the hot ticket for venture investors. Insurance technology companies have raised multiple billions of dollars in the past four years as venture capitalists finance industry disruptors and enabling technologies for established players to fend off new tec…
BMW, GM, Ford and Renault launch blockchain research group for automotive industry – TechCrunch

2018-05-02 13 Blockchain

Car makers BMW, General Motors, Ford and Renault are the big names behind a new group announced today to explore the potential of the blockchain in the automotive and mobility space. MOBI — the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative — launches today with over 30 founding members that also …