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Quantum computers tackle big data with machine learning

2018-10-15 167 BigData DataScience

Every two seconds, sensors measuring the United States' electrical grid collect 3 petabytes of data – the equivalent of 3 million gigabytes. Data analysis on that scale is a challenge when crucial information is stored ...
Machine-learning algorithm predicts how cells repair broken DNA

2018-11-07 136 BigData

The human genome has its own proofreaders and editors, and their handiwork is not as haphazard as once thought.
Big data, machine learning shed light on Asian reforestation successes

2020-10-29 42 MachineLearning BigData

Since carbon sequestration is such an important factor for mitigating climate change, it's critical to understand the efficacy of reforestation efforts and develop solid estimates of forest carbon storage capacity. However, measuring forest properties can be difficult, especially in places that aren't easily reachable.
Artificial intelligence and big data provide the first global maps on key vegetation traits

2019-02-07 40 BigData

Researchers of Valencia University (UV) have developed the first global maps of phosphorus and nitrogen content in vegetation, as well as efficiency in water use, via artificial intelligence and big data techniques. The application ...
AI and big data predict which research will influence future medical treatments

2019-10-10 21 Bigdata

An artificial intelligence/machine learning model to predict which scientific advances are likely to eventually translate to the clinic has been developed by Ian Hutchins and colleagues in the Office of Portfolio Analysis ...
Big data and synthetic chemistry could fight climate change and pollution

2020-05-15 6 BigData

Scientists at the University of South Carolina and Columbia University have developed a faster way to design and make gas-filtering membranes that could cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution.