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Artificial intelligence doesn't have to be evil. We just have to teach it to be good. - Recode

2017-11-30 160 ArtificialIntelligence Ethics

There’s a pressing need to find a moral compass to direct the intelligent machines we’re increasingly sharing our lives with.
Artificial intelligence is forcing us to work harder to define human intelligence  — and to fight to defend it - Recode

2017-12-19 91 artificialintelligence AI

Think like nobody’s strapping a band around your head to collect information about your thinking.
‘AI Superpowers’ author Kai-Fu Lee talks job automation - Recode Decode - Recode

2018-09-17 57 artificialintelligence

"AI Superpowers" author and former Google China president Kai-Fu Lee predicts that medicine will undergo radical changes in the next few decades.