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Artificial intelligence for reducing food waste

2021-04-01 1,023 artificialintelligence

In Germany, around 12 million tons of food end up in the trash every year. Over 30 percent of that is already destroyed in the production process. In the Resource-efficient Intelligent Foodchain ("REIF") project, the Fraunhofer ...
Researchers develop 'explainable' artificial intelligence algorithm

2021-04-01 425 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Researchers from the University of Toronto and LG AI Research have developed an "explainable" artificial intelligence (XAI) algorithm that can help identify and eliminate defects in display screens.
Artificial intelligence can make personality judgments based on photographs

2020-05-22 110 ArtificialIntelligence

Russian researchers from HSE University and Open University for the Humanities and Economics have demonstrated that artificial intelligence is able to infer people's personality from 'selfie' photographs better than human ...
Artificial intelligence is a totalitarian's dream – here's how to take power back

2020-08-13 91 artificialintelligence

Individualistic western societies are built on the idea that no one knows our thoughts, desires or joys better than we do. And so we put ourselves, rather than the government, in charge of our lives. We tend to agree with ...
Artificial intelligence predicts nonlinear ultrafast dynamics in optics

2021-02-19 86 ArtificialIntelligence

Researchers at Tampere University have successfully used artificial intelligence to predict nonlinear dynamics that take place when ultrashort light pulses interact with matter. This novel solution can be used for efficient ...
Artificial intelligence for optimized mobile communication

2020-05-25 78 artificialintelligence

While many European states are currently setting up the 5th generation of mobile communication, scientists are already working on its optimization. Although 5G is far superior to its predecessors, even the latest mobile communication ...
Breakthrough in energy efficient artificial intelligence

2020-10-08 66 ArtificialIntelligence

Thanks to a mathematical breakthrough, AI applications like speech recognition, gesture recognition and ECG classification can become a hundred to a thousand times more energy efficient. This means it will be possible to ...
Clarifying how artificial intelligence systems make choices

2019-03-13 54 artificialintelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning architectures such as deep learning have become integral parts of our daily lives—they enable digital speech assistants or translation services, improve medical diagnostics ...
An artificial intelligence algorithm can learn the laws of quantum mechanics

2019-11-18 48 artificialintelligence quantummechanics

Artificial intelligence can be used to predict molecular wave functions and the electronic properties of molecules. This innovative AI method developed by a team of researchers at the University of Warwick, the Technical ...
Artificial intelligence still lags behind humans at recognising emotions

2020-04-30 45 artificialintelligence

When it comes to reading emotions on people's faces, artificial intelligence still lags behind human observers, according to a new study involving UCL.
Researchers' deep learning algorithm solves Rubik's Cube faster than any human

2019-07-15 42 ArtificialIntelligence Machinelearning

Since its invention by a Hungarian architect in 1974, the Rubik's Cube has furrowed the brows of many who have tried to solve it, but the 3-D logic puzzle is no match for an artificial intelligence system created by researchers ...
Artificial intelligence makes 'smart' apps faster, more efficient

2020-11-13 39 ArtificialIntelligence

Tired of Siri or Google Assistant draining your phone battery?
Artificial intelligence—parking a car with only 12 neurons

2018-10-22 39 ArtificialIntelligence

Computer scientists at TU Wien (Vienna) are improving artificial intelligence by drawing inspiration from biology. The new approaches achieve amazing results with surprisingly little effort.
Artificial intelligence makes blurry faces look more than 60 times sharper

2020-06-12 38 ArtificialIntelligence

Duke University researchers have developed an AI tool that can turn blurry, unrecognizable pictures of people's faces into eerily convincing computer-generated portraits, in finer detail than ever before.
Kitchen disruption: better food through artificial intelligence

2019-07-21 35 artificialintelligence

Looking for that perfect recipe, or a new flavor combination that delights the senses?
Artificial intelligence finds disease-related genes

2020-02-14 33 artificialintelligence MachineLearning

An artificial neural network can reveal patterns in huge amounts of gene expression data and discover groups of disease-related genes. This has been shown by a new study led by researchers at Linköping University, published ...
Artificial intelligence that more closely mimics the mind

2021-03-12 31 ArtificialIntelligence

For all the progress that's been made in the field of artificial intelligence, the world's most flexible, efficient information processor remains the human brain. Although we can quickly make decisions based on incomplete ...
Artificial intelligence accelerates blood flow MRI

2020-04-16 29 ArtificialIntelligence

Imaging technology helps to detect cardiovascular diseases much earlier; however, precise examinations are still very time-consuming. Researchers from ETH and the University of Zurich have now presented a method that could ...
Artificial intelligence in medicine: Getting smarter one patient at a time

2020-06-26 28 artificialintelligence

What if doctors had more time to spend addressing their patients' concerns? That's the thrust behind the push for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into medicine. By using complex algorithms to detect patterns in large ...
Artificial intelligence brings greater precision to operations

2020-02-06 28 artificialintelligence

Operations based on an MRI or CT scan are made trickier by the fact that people can never lie completely still. Doctoral candidate Koen Eppenhof has shown that an algorithm based on deep learning can be used to correct for ...