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10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption

2017-12-04 866 Ai Machinelearning Iot Fintech FutureOfWork insurtech

It’s time to take today’s technological threats seriously and change the way you do business.
How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us Better at Being Human

2018-11-08 244 AI

The surprising ways machine learning can pick up when we fail.
AI Predictions You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2019

2019-01-21 165 AI

Despite all the information you’re reading about artificial intelligence, and all the efforts business leaders are making to come to terms with it, there are still some takeaways you should consider in the coming year. Here are seven.
How Smarter Phones Will Transform Tech, Media, and Telecom

2018-06-11 72 AI

A new generation of devices, powered by artificial intelligence, could be in consumers’ hands within a few years.